Track 910A Bowling Ball Price: $159.95
Sale Price: $99.95
  • Asymmetric Core / Pearl Coverstock:
  • X Factor Hook Rating Scale (1-20): 17
  • Medium to Heavy Oil:
  • Skid/Flip:
  • High Performance:
  • Item #: TI910A
  • Manufacturer: Track
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Color  Steel Blue/Lemon/Sapphire
Coverstock  GEN EA (Extreme Angle)
Weight Block  Face
Factory Finish  500 Abralon /1500 Abranet Soft Polished W/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Flare Potential  High
Radius of Gyration (RG)  2.50
Differential (Diff)  0.049
Intermediate Differential (MB)  0.010
Description  Manufacturer’s Intent: When developing our brand new high performance release, we wanted to bring a ball motion that’s never been offered before in our “9” series. In order to develop the brand new 910A, our R&D team had to go to extreme measures to find the perfect combination of core and cover. Core: The 910A features a brand new core which we call the Face Core. This core offers a low RG which creates an extremely quick revving action. This combined with large flare potential enables the cover to respond aggressively to the friction at the back end of the lane. Cover: This marks the first time we have used our brand new Gen EA (Extreme Angle) cover. This cover is designed to handle larger volumes of oil as well as create the back end motion bowlers desire. Finish: The final step that completes the ball development process is the finish. Having the right finish allows for the perfect combination of core and cover to shine for a wider variety of bowling styles. For the 910A, we went with 500 Abralon / 1500 Abranet Soft polished w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish. This finish process allowed the 910A to slide through the oil making a quick response at the breakpoint. Overall: The 910A is ideal for medium to oily lane conditions when an extreme move at the breakpoint is desired. Have extreme confidence that the 910A will turn the corner like no other ball you have ever thrown.
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