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900 Global Honey Badger


Pearl Reactive


Medium Oil

Controlled Angularity at the Backend


2.57 (15lb)

.041 (15lb)

.008 (15lb)



S71 Pearl

1500 Grit Polished



900 Global Honey Badger


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900 Global Honey Badger Bowling Ball Features:

The Honey Badger is one of three new releases for 900 Global. It joins the hybrid-covered Drift and the urethane-covered Boo-Yah in 900 Global’s Tour Preferred line. As a pearlized ball with a polished box finish, the Honey Badger will create more length and a stronger change of direction downlane than either of these two bowling balls. In fact, the new S71 Pearl coverstock and high RG, medium differential Grapnel Asymmetric core shape combine to give the Honey Badger the most angular motion in the entire 900 Global line.

Tough lanes ahead? The Honey Badger from 900 Global has you covered.

The Tour Preferred Series has become known as the obvious choice for bowlers competing on demanding lane conditions.  Sometimes we need a ball that we can move in with and create backend.  The Honey Badger will be a great choice when the pattern breaks down a bit and more angularity at the breakpoint is needed.  The S71 pearl cover has been specifically designed to provide great length on drier heads.  The all new Grapnel Asymmetric Core will give the bowler an amazing amount of torque at the breakpoint.

Featuring an all-new Grapnel Asymmetric core with a medium-RG, medium differential and low Mass Bias differential, this ball is designed to give a manageable, angular move on the backend ideal for tricky lane conditions seen in tours and tournaments alike.

Combined with the S71 Pearl coverstock finished to a 1500-grit polish with a sparking gold pearl coloration, the Honey Badger skids easily through the heads and tough areas of the lane for the motion you need on tough conditions.


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