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900 Global Honey Badger Revival


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Medium Heavy Oil

Some Midlane Traction with Strong Backend Motion


2.54 (15lb)

.048 (15lb)

.012 (15lb)

4-5” Medium-High

Grapnel 2.0 Asymmetric

S70 Hybrid

1500 Grit Polished

Gold Pearl/Magenta Solid


Mid Performance

900 Global Honey Badger Revival

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900 Global Honey Badger Revival Bowling Ball Features:

The Honey Badger Revival keeps the Honey Badger nameplate in the 900 Global family as they pair a tried-and-true coverstock with a brand new weight block. The new Grapnel 2.0 Asymmetric core provides a medium RG of 2.54″, a total differential of 0.048″, and an intermediate differential of 0.012″. With this core wrapped in the polished S70 Hybrid coverstock that was first featured on the Special Ops, the Honey Badger Revival is a ball that sticks to the shiny Honey Badger release template, which is to go long and make a hard move off the breakpoint.

The first balls from 900 Global since the move from San Antonio to Utah. With the updated technology and more modern processes in use at the new plant, the anticipation of these balls is very high.

The Honey Badger Revival features a twist on the famous Grapnel Core paired with a cover that has never been used on a previous Honey Badger.

The S70 Hybrid Coverstock makes it’s debut on the Honey Badger line.  Offered in a hybrid version, this cover will give the player the best of both worlds.  Adequate traction in the oil combined with an angular reaction off the dry.

The Grapnel 2.0 Core upgrades the Grapnel core used on previous Honey Badger offerings.  It will provide even more length and aggressiveness at the breakpoint versus the original core.  We have also maintained dynamic integrity with this new design.  Performance has been optimized across all weights.


1 review for 900 Global Honey Badger Revival

  1. Stanley Waite

    Honey Badger Revival
    Ball Specs
    Cover Stock: S70 Hybrid
    Finish: 1500 Polished
    Color: Magenta Solid/Gold Pearl
    Core: Grapnel 2.0 Asymmetric Core
    Layout: 50 x 5 x 35
    RG: 2.54
    Differential: 0.048
    Intermediate Diff: 0.012

    The Tour Preferred 700 Series Honey Badger Revival features the S70 Hybrid coverstock with the 2.0 Grapnel Core. If you loved the original Honey Badger you will love the Revival more. The Revival is more angular and more powerful. It is still clean through the fronts and hooks much harder on the backend of the lane than the original Honey Badger. I tested the ball on a 42 feet THS with 26.8 mls. As a medium to low rev player, I was standing between 25 and 30 and never lost any striking power. My ball is drilled with the pin above the bridge with the CG kicked out to the right. The Honey Badger Revival is a must have for league and tournament bowlers. Now available for preorder at your local pro shop!

    Stanley W.
    900 Global Staff Member
    Dover, DE

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