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900 Global Ordnance Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Predictable Motion


2.47 (15lb)

.043 (15lb)

4-5” Medium


70 Solid

4000 Grit Pad

Sky Blue/Midnight Blue


900 Global Ordnance Bowling Ball


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900 Global Ordnance Bowling Ball  Features:

The Ordnance is one of two new balls under this new nameplate in the Preferred 600 Series line for 900 Global, along with the Ordnance Pearl. They replace all of the Ops-line balls that were previously offered at this price point. The Ordnance uses the Shrapnel Symmetric weight block and the coverstock that started it all for 900 Global, S70 Solid. This symmetrical core design gives the Ordnance a low RG and medium total differential, while its solid reactive shell is finished with a 4000 Abralon pad. The Ordnance can be the benchmark ball for any league or tournament bowler. It excels on medium test pattern, but will also be very useful on heavy oil and sport patterns.

The Ordinance represents a re-booting of the 600 Series.  It will be the obvious choice for that baseline type reaction that every bowler needs in their bag.  The Shrapnel Symmetric Core features a low rg and medium differential.  Perfect for quick revs and a controlled motion off the end of the pattern.  Wrapped around the core is the venerable S70 Solid Coverstock.  This is the same cover that was made famous by it’s use on the Black Ops.  Expect to see the perfect balance of length and responsiveness to friction.


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