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Alignment Trainer


Alignment Trainer


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The Alignment Trainer

  • One flexible silicone rubber pad that you place on the floor
  • Comes with 4 rods that you place into the holes in the four corners of the Alignment Trainer.
  • Adjust the width of the opening by moving the rods to the outer holes for a wider opening, or the to the holes closest to the center for a smaller opening.
  • Swing your hand, Swing Trainer, Power Trainer, or bowling ball through the opening
  • Practice a straight arm swing

The Alignment Trainer was designed to reduce variance in the swing path along your body – improving the straight back straight forward swing and increasing repeatability.  Use it with a Swing Trainer, Power Trainer or your bowling ball.

Colors and Custom Colors:

The colors shown in the pictures are just a sample of the colors available. When you order, we will send you whatever colors we currently have made.  If you are interested in ordering this product in custom colors, you can call us with your order at 844-269-5379.  We charge an additional $5 per item for custom color requests.


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