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Balance Trainer


Balance Trainer


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This tool is simple to use – just put it on the floor, step on it, and try to balance as you swing your training tools.  It may be simple to use – but it’s difficult to master!  Try to stay in your post position as you swing your Swing Trainer – it’s a great exercise for your core! The better your balance – the better you are able to deliver your ball. Balance is key to a better game! Watch the video and you will see what we mean!

All of our tools are made of a durable and flexible silicone rubber (latex free).

The colors shown in the pictures are just a sample of the colors available. When you order, we will send you whatever colors we currently have made.  If you are interested in ordering this product in custom colors, you can call us with your order at 844-269-5379.  We charge an additional $5 per item for custom color requests.


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