Dexter The 9 White/Silver/Lilac Women's Bowling Shoes

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Dexter The 9 White/Silver/Lilac Women's Bowling Shoes Features:

  • Toehold | Hyperflex | Engineering
  • White/Silver Full-Grain Leather w/ Contrast Stitching
  • This revolutionary new design delivers unprecedented durability and flexibility by reinforcing the most common high-stress areas of the shoe to help prevent wear and cracking.
  • TOE HOLD OUTSOLE SYSTEM features an abrasion-resistant compound designed to resist toe drag breakdown, and two state of the art HYPERFLEX CHANNELS that allow the sole to flex and stretch freely, for exceptional comfort and unparalleled flexibility that extends the life of the shoe.
  • Right or Left Hand Convertible
  • Soft Full-Grain Leather Upper
  • Strobal Construction for Increased Flexibility
  • Molded Midsole with Classic Raised Shank and Heel
  • Right/Left Hand M(D) 5 - 10/11
    Right/Left Hand WW(EE) 6 - 10

     · (2) Removable Soles: THT2 (Aerogrip Traction Pad) & THS7 (Sawtooth Slide Pad)
     · (2) Removable Heels: H2 (Ultra Brakz) & H5 (Saw Tooth)
     · (2) Black Shoe Protectors with "T·H·E 9" written on the side in Lilac Purple.
    No other extras in the box.
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