Innovative Revivor Bowling Ball Oven

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Innovative Revivor Bowling Ball Oven Features:

Innovative Bowling Products Revivor Oven processes up to 2 balls at a time. Our oil extraction unit revives a bowling ball to maximum performance. Heat draws the oil from the bowling balls. Forced air circulates the heat evenly. Electronic controller assures constant temperature. Balls continually rotate during the process. Absorbent pads collect the oil as the balls turn. 8+ years of field testing has never harmed a ball. Click here to read about Brunswick test on our oil extraction unit. 2 hour timer allows you to walk away. Innovative has designed this unit for the sole purpose of extracting oil from reactive and proactive bowling ball cover stocks. Drawing out the oil by the use of thermal reaction is a proven method of bringing back the original characteristics of the ball. The Revivor removes the oil with an even, digitally controlled heat pattern so as not to damage the bowling ball. Balls should have the oil extracted approximately every 40 to 50 games, depending on the lane conditions and the level of performance each bowler wishes to maintain. Your ball will hook again! We strongly recomend not baking your bowling in a kitchen oven due to the possibility of damage.


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