Jayhawk DeTox Accelerator Cleaning Agent
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Jayhawk DeTox Accelerator Cleaning Agent

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  • Manufacturer: Jayhawk
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: JAYDETOXACCEL
  • Condition: New
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Jayhawk DeTox Accelerator Cleaning Agent Features:


  • Cleaning agent designed to be used exclusively in the Detox (oil extracting unit).
  • Designed to breaks down mineral oil, the key ingredient in lane oils.
  • Add an ounce to regular tap water, and after just 20 minutes in the Detox, the oil that has penetrated the surface of the ball is removed, leaving the ball clean and the oil mixed in with the water. (Even after cooling, the water and oil don't separate. The water stays "milky" and can be drained out the bottom of the Detox machine.)
  • With the agent, the water just stays "milky."
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