Jayhawk DeTox Bowling Ball Oil Remover

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Jayhawk Detox Bowling Ball Oil Remover Features:

 The DETOX is the a next generation of oil removal devices.

  • When to use: Whenever you notice your ball losing reaction, you should have it done, but that time can vary depending on coverstock and the rate you ball absorbs oil.
  • Removes the oil that has penetrated the surface and soaked into the coverstock of the ball, not simply to clean off the outside like any regular ball cleaner will do.
  • It is faster and safer on a bowling ball than any other method of oil extraction, making it more efficient and less expensive for your customers.
  • Features: 
      · A rack that the ball sits in to submerge and remove it 
      · A drain at the bottom of the unit which allows the water/oil to be removed (after the ball is removed)
  • Specs: 
      · Ultra-Sonic is used to remove the oil in a fraction of the time 
      · Ultra-Sonic generates millions of microscopic bubbles that get into the pores of a bowling ball, unlike other standard methods 
      · Operates at only 115° as several ball manufacturers have warranties regulating the temperature exposure to 115° (Most other oil extracting units run at 140°)


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