Kegel Revive Bowling Ball Cleaner 32oz.

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The story is quite simple. Kegel knows oil. Kegel knows how to clean it. But we also know, all cleaners leave small traces of residue. With that knowledge, we began studying how cleaner residue alters the surface energy of the bowling ball. With Revive, our chemists' were able to create a cleaner that not only cleans great, but also changes the surface energy of the bowling ball. How does this help you and your bowling equipment? We found the modern bowling ball really "likes" lane conditioner; basically, it has a very strong attraction to it. When you use Kegel Revive on your bowling ball, it lowers the surface energy of the bowling ball. This lower surface energy decreases the attraction of lane conditioner to the ball's surface. This in turn, reduces the amount of conditioner that can be absorbed into the cover. Since oil attracts dirt, this also reduces dirt buildup. Simply put, use Revive to increase the performance life span of your bowling ball.
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