Rev/Ball Motion Trainer
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Rev/Ball Motion Trainer

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Rev/Ball Motion Trainer Features:

The Rev / Ball Motion Trainer allows you to work on hand and release position while learning to put revolutions on the ball.  You get 6 inches of room for movement of the ball in the release explosion zone and the ability see the ball motion you've created.  Place a bowling ball on the rollers, place your foot next to the device, and with your body in the position it would be in at the foul line (balancing, post position), come up out of the ball. Watch the ball as it rolls on the rollers.  Add revs and see ball motion.  Understand changes in hand position and the effect on ball motion.  This is a great tool for any level of bowler!

The Rev / Ball Motion Trainer is approximately 13" x 9 " x 2" and weighs about 7 lbs.  The industrial rollers are very durable.  

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