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Turbo Beige Pre-Cut Fitting Tape – 30Pcs



Turbo Beige Pre-Cut Fitting Tape – 30Pcs


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Turbo Beige Pre-Cut Fitting Tape 1 Inch Smooth 30Pcs Features:

Unlike traditional bowling tapes, Skin protection and fitting (SPF) tapes are worn on the fingers or thumb and can be applied in a variety of ways to modify release, ease grip tension and adjust hole size without major changes to ball drilling. SPF tapes will also reduce or eliminate discomfort caused by calluses, blisters and cuts from dry skin. Tapes come in various textures and are ranked in the following order: Black Patch Tape: Slickest Blue Tape: Slick Beige Tape: Smooth Purple/Red/Blue/Black Driven to Bowl Tape: Semi-Smooth Mint Tape: Coarse


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