Turbo Quad (Soft Power Lift/Oval Mesh) Finger Grips - Bag of 10

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Turbo Quad (Soft Power Lift/Oval Mesh) Finger Grips - Bag of 10 Features:

  • Side 1: The Milled Oval Smooth or Mesh, a tackier, more textured feel which is also a great wear indicator. (Once the mesh texture wears from the surface, you know it's time to replace your inserts.)
    Side 2: The Sof-T Power Lift 1/8" forward pitch provides a more subtle increase in loft. The finger pad has a contoured shape and smooth surface. Ideal for beginner bowlers.
  • All Turbo Quad Inserts feature a patented Glue Groove to minimize excessive adhesive from seeping to the surface.
  • Available in 19 sizes & 9 colors.
  • Same combination as the Ms. Quad but with a slightly bigger O.D. See below:
      -Sizes 19/32 through 13/16 have O.D. of 31/32"
      -Sizes 53/64 through 29/32 have O.D. of 1-1/32"
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