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Vise 1″ Pre-Cut VISE Logo Tape


Vise 1″ Pre-Cut VISE Logo Tape


Vise 1″ Pre-Cut VISE Logo Tape Features:

  • Apply to the back of your thumb
  • Gives you a clean & consistent release
  • Feels better on your hand than your own skin
  • 1″ x 3″ pieces
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From Steve Hahn – Professional Bowler:

“I’ve been a @VISE Red Hada Patch wearer for over a year now. As a bowler we are forever searching for the perfect fit and feel with our grip.

What I love about this new PROformance tape:

The feel is nothing I’ve ever felt. When I first put it on, it didnt even feel like it was on my thumb. Its thinner and more flexible.

The Hada, like most skin tape, tends to roll or lose its stick throughout competition. This tape sticks and conforms 10x better with the new technology it lasted for an entire 6 game block without reapply, adjusting, or any rolling up!

This tape has more texture if you prefer a little more gripping feel. I like combining that texture with the 3/4″ Silver thumb tape to ensure my release is quick. If you don’t like using thumb tape in your thumbhole but need a little extra grip, this tape will give you that without sacrificing having a tighter thumbhole due to its thin, skin-like feel.”


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