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Brunswick Slide Sole #2 (Least Slide)


Brunswick Slide Sole #2 (Least Slide)


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Brunswick Slide Sole #2 (Least Slide) Features:

    Slide soles are over sized and can be trimmed to fit any size shoe. Brunswick slide soles are numbered 2 through 10 with the number 2 sole providing the least amount of slide and the number 10 sole providing the most slide possible.
    Trimming Instructions:
    1. Remove the existing slide sole from the shoe, peeling the sole from the area closest to the heel and pulling toward the toe.
    2. Center the existing slide sole on the new, over sized sole and trace it with a fine point pen.
    3. With a sharp pair of scissors cut along the outline you have created.
    4. Place the new sole on the bottom of your shoe and apply your full body weight to adhere the fastener system before attempting to bowl.Keep soles dry. Test new soles on approach prior to bowling.



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