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Brunswick Defender Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane and Backend Reaction


2.473 (15lb.)

0.054 (15lb)

0.015 (15lb)


Portal X

A.C.T. 3.0 Solid

500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad



High Performance

Brunswick Defender Bowling Ball

(6 customer reviews)


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Brunswick Defender Bowling Ball Bowling Ball Features:

It has a Super Hero look, and you’ll feel like one when throwing it. The Defender borrows from recent successful Brunswick releases to ensure confidence and performance. Starting with the core, Brunswick’s engineers took the Prism core shape and added a dense flip block to the bottom. This core configuration moves mass away from the center of the core body, creating a higher RG and more total differential, enhancing down-lane motion. The updated ACT 3.0 Solid cover was designed to strengthen the mid-lane and backend hook. The attractive color combination, Portal X core, ACT cover, and 2000 Siaair finish are the perfect recipe for higher scores.

6 reviews for Brunswick Defender Bowling Ball

  1. Tom Marlow

    Everything about this ball is amazing. The Defender is Brunswick new strong asymmetrical solid. Compared to the knockout B/B it’s going to be stronger in the mid lane and backend, compared to the prism you will see a strong backend motion.

    I drilled mine 45×4.5×45 best used on mid to heavy oil lanes. I see using this ball in both the house shot and sport shots bag.

  2. Bob Moran

    Strong and continuous comes to mind after a few shots with this ball. Compared to the Evo solid it is just a tad cleaner in the front with more change of direction at the end of the pattern. I’ve found it to be pretty versatile as I’m able to just chase it left and let the ball do the work. When it comes to solids this is at the top of my list

  3. cng260

    The Defender is a great stronger ball for slicker conditions. It has enough length to be more versatile than the earliest of heavier oil balls but still has plenty of midlane hook. This ball is my step up when balls like the Knockout Black/Blue aren’t angular enough and are not strong enough. The Defender also is versatile enough to see play on the house shot and will see some sport shot use as well. This is a stronger Prism Warp with greater versatility. The Defender is a heavier oil ball with some length and recovery on the back part of the lane.

  4. cng260

    The 3D Offset is a special ball with a smooth reaction you don’t normally see from a pearl type bowling ball. This one is a bit stronger than the Widow 2.0 or the Obsession Tour pearl but with a completely different shape. When the other two balls stop this one keeps going. The amount of continuation you see from this ball is quite unusual for the smooth shape it has. The 3D is playable from all angles as long as you have enough oil and is my first choice if the lanes are on the slicker side. This one is much stronger than you would think but is a must have in the bag. It is a blend of the smoothness of old with the strength of newer technology. Everyone should own a new 3D Offset.

  5. Steven a

    This is by far the most versatile asymmetric solid ball I’ve thrown in a long time. I put my favorite pin up layout on this and I’m able to play straighter with my angles in front of me and I’m also able to jump left open my angles and send it right. If you are looking for a bigger stronger asym this is the ball for you.

  6. Sal B

    The Defender is Brunswick new strong asymmetrical solid with great colors I might add. Compared to a prism this ball had a stronger backend. Hits hard. This ball def likes oil.

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