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Brunswick Hero


Pearl Reactive


Medium Oil

Good Length with Sharp Backend Motion


2.474 (15lb)

.047 (15lb)



Activator Plus 2.0 Pearl

500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



Mid Performance

Brunswick Hero

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Brunswick Hero Bowling Ball Features:

The Hero is one of three releases in the Brunswick Advanced line for the upcoming 2019 league season. It joins the two new Jagged Edges, the Cutting Edges, and the Fearless in this line. The Hero uses the same Activator Plus 2.0 Pearl cover that was used on the Vintage Vapor Zone. The change from that release is that the Hero uses a symmetrical core design. While they offer similar length between the Hero and the Vintage Vapor Zone, you will likely see more angularity, back end motion, and total hook out of the Vintage. The benefit of the Hero’s smoother motion is its versatility.

The Activator Plus 2.0 Pearl coverstock wrapped around the Contra core gives this ball heroic motion in the mid-lane and backend. The Contra core features Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) – a patent-pending technology that creates an unrestricted drill area and establishes the industry’s first 4-year warranty.

The Contra core is the first to feature Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) – a patent-pending technology that creates an unrestricted drill area.

Last Fall Brunswick introduced DynamiCore, an advancement in technology, creating a harder hitting and more durable bowling ball. This year we are excited to introduce another major advancement in bowling ball technology, DOT, Durability Optimization Technology. DOT is a patent-pending technology that has been developed to greatly reduce the widespread problem consumers face with their bowling balls cracking. We have included a video, a letter and marketing pieces to help you understand DOT better.

Clean your ball with Brunswick’s Big B Bowling Ball Cleaner after every use to reduce oil absorption.

10 reviews for Brunswick Hero

  1. Matt Haring

    The Hero is a great ball for medium conditions. For me, this ball is the go-to on league night when the lanes start to transition, but are still too slick for the Jagged Edge Hybrid. The new Contra core inside the Activator Plus 2.0 Pearl coverstock allows the ball to clear the heads with ease, and go through the pin deck like a truck. A couple special things about the Hero is that it uses Durability Optimization Technology (DOT), which establishes the industry’s first 4-year warranty, and Dynamicore!

  2. Kelly Lake

    This ball is something special. Beautiful mid-lane read with a powerful motion on the back. This core/cover combo is a homerun. Great with a 2,000 surface on medium length sport shots. Deadly out-of-box on a house shot. Will be drilling up at least two of these!!

  3. cng260

    Pin Length: 3.5

    Starting Top Weight:2.7 oz

    Ball Weight: 15 lbs 3 oz


    Ball: 65 x 5.25 x 35

    xhole: no xhole


    Rev Rate: 375 rpms

    Ball Speed:17 mph off hand

    PAP/Track: 4 3/4 over 3/4 up


    Grit: 500 Siaair with Compound

    Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): Compound


    Lengths of patterns: 41 foot house

    Volumes: Moderate

    Type: house


    Length: Moderate

    Back End: Skid/ArC

    Overall Hook: Moderate

    Midlane Read: Predictable

    Breakpoint Shape: Angular


    Likes: Predictable, versatile, and Angular

    Dislikes: None

    The Hero is the latest symmetrical cored Brunswick Ball to use the DOT technology. It is an earlier version of the Fearless with the same core. The stronger coverstock gets this ball started earlier and allows me to use it on the fresher conditions where more oil is present. It gets good enough length to slow down when coming out of the oil but does not over react to the friction. It also seems to retain energy quite well. This one fits in between the Fearless and Vintage Vapor Zone for me as far as total hook. It is a bit earlier a the breakpoint than both of the above balls. I found it likes to be thrown from inside of the oil right into the friction. It is very good on wet/dry conditions as well. This will the first ball out of the bag for bowlers looking for an angular but predictable reaction across a variety of medium conditions. This one is a great value for most bowlers.

  4. Thomas Mongeon

    Brunswick Hero
    Axis Tilt: 7°
    Axis Rotation: 40°
    PAP: 4 13/16 x ⅛ ^
    Speed and rev rate matched
    Layout: 35° x 5 x 35°

    The Brunswick Hero had been on my radar for a while. Watching it in action on the lanes from my customers and during ball demos, I had to drill one. For me, the Hero is my #1 ball out of my bag in league and will be in my tournament bag as well. The Hero has been a favorite of the touring pros and I can see why, the ball is cleaner through the fronts while controlling the mids and recovering on the backend. I have been able to square up or circle the lane with the Hero and not see it struggle to hand position changes. The Hero will be home on medium fresh patterns or broken down heavier patterns where there is a little defined friction. Having DOT and Dynamicore in the Hero is another winner! 4year Warranty plus the added durability and hit… I don’t usually get messengers, but I do with the Hero!

  5. Owen Darby

    The Brunswick Hero has been an effective benchmark ball for myself in league. It has been the first out every night I go out. For me, its clean through the fronts but not too clean as to create bit of over/under with a predictable punch on the backend to get those corner pins out. This ball slots in perfectly between my Phantom (aggressive and slow off the spot) and my Prism Hybrid (great length and angular). Anyone who is looking for some predictability but also some hard hitting power off the backend of the pattern should get a Hero into their bag

  6. Alan Felmlee

    The ball has a very nice mid lane read. Not too much not too little. Great for bowling your house shots with a lot of traffic as if you touch the dry a little quick you don’t get that hard snap and it will dig in and still get that corner.

  7. Craig Miller

    The Hero by Brunswick is a ball I like for it’s versatility. It can be used on different lane conditions and takes to surface change well.

    The Hero is very smooth in the fronts and picks up in the mid lane with a continuous motion, off the pattern. This was at box finish. I then lightly hit it with a 3000 pad and really liked the shape it created.

    The Hero is one ball you need in your bag. It’s predictable, it’s a bench mark type ball, and it’s very versatile, which keeps things simple!!

  8. Mike Romero

    The Brunswick Hero has become the hero bowling ball in my bag! When all else has failed, I pull this ball out and it gets the job done! Layed out as 65x4x65 with 1000-grit surface, this pin-down ball still retains a lot of energy downlane and packs a punch. I am still getting used to where this ball fits in my bag, as this is one of the first Brunswick balls I have purchased, but this ball is great for fresh conditions with some surface, or even game 2-3 with transition! This ball is perfect to get through some oil and once it finds friction, that is when this ball is at its best. If you are in need of a Hero on the lanes, get your Brunswick Hero today! 

  9. Dan Schriner

    Brunswick Hero is great on medium/dry lanes it saves a lot of energy for nice backend motion. It’s a great ball for any style bowler. For a symmetrical ball it is one of most versatile balls I have, it’s a must have in your tournament bag.

  10. Ryan G

    Might be in quarantine currently but I can’t wait to get back out and throw this ball. Colors are gorgeous. Looks great rolling down the lane and it hits like a truck. Drilled mine pin up and I can use it on every house pattern and even challenge patterns. Once we can bowl again I plan on buying more!!!

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