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Brunswick Hero Solid Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Medium Heavy Oil

Good Midlane with Strong Controlled Backend Motion


2.474 (15lb)

.047 (15lb)



Activator Plus 2.0 Solid

500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad



Mid Performance

Brunswick Hero Solid Bowling Ball

(11 customer reviews)


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Brunswick Hero Solid Bowling Ball Features:

The Hero ended up being one of Brunswick’s most successful balls last season. Bowlers loved the length and strong backend, and the Hero Solid is an excellent follow-up. By removing the pearl additives from the original Hero, the Hero Solid is better suited for slicker patterns and will be a perfect benchmark type of ball, working for a wide range of bowlers

Clean your ball with Brunswick’s Big B Bowling Ball Cleaner after every use to reduce oil absorption.

11 reviews for Brunswick Hero Solid Bowling Ball

  1. Bob moran

    A great follow up to the hero by removing the pearl to make a perfect solid benchmark type of ball. Smooth predictable and continuous that will work well with a wide variety of bowlers. Everyone needs a Hero

  2. Bob Newman

    The Brunswick Hero Solid out of box read the lane a little early for my style of bowling. For bowlers with a low rev rate or high speed or low tilt this ball will be just fine the way it is out of box. I was able to dial it in for me by shining up the surface to add a little length and save a little more energy for down lane. Now I really like the way this ball shapes. It has a strong controlled motion that hits hard. All bowlers are different and sometimes a little surface tweaking can make all the difference.

  3. Joseph Petrovich

    Hero : Another Great Product from Brunswick Bowling. The Hero Solid with the Activator 2.0 Plus Cover stock is one of the Strongest Symmetrical balls that I have thrown. Used it on the 45’ Dragon Pattern and this ball had no issues climbing the hill and explode the pins. Thoroughly impressed by the way that the ball Reacted in the heaviest of oil. Great Benchmark ball on the fresh oil patterns?

  4. Ian L

    The Hero solid for me is one of those big hooking symmetrical balls. Its best used for those medium to heavier oil conditions. Comparing it to the original Hero, in my opinion is a good 5-6 boards stronger and 3-4 feet sooner. For a ball that hooks this much, it is pretty easy to control. I can either keep my angles closed or open my angles up and go away from the pocket. Very versatile ball for as strong as it is

  5. Christopher

    Perfect combination to the original hero! What a ball! Stronger roll , same back end on this ball for me. It allowed me to move further left to start and play the oil line much longer into our league night. Used on multiple lane surfaces in different leagues, but still performed exactly the way i wanted it to! Its a ball that you can really manipulate with hand position and it does its thing! 4 1/2 x 20

  6. Dan Schriner

    With Brunswick adding the Hero solid to its lineup it now has a great 1-2 punch with the original Hero. Great for medium- heavy oil patterns the Hero solid is a good 4-5 boards stronger than the original Hero. It’s a great ball for a variety of bowlers and styles.

  7. Scott Gilmore

    The Hero is still one of my all time favorite pearls, so naturally I gravitated to the Hero Solid when it came out. The colors pop off this ball! And the reaction does too! Pin at 11 o’clock (lefty), this layout is my go to layout for most of my stuff. This ball hooks!! I use it as one of my benchmark balls. It rolls just as good as the Hero, and that ball goes with me everywhere. I can even use the solid on heavier oil patterns and its just so predictable. Plenty of hitting power too! A perfect compliment to the Hero! Brunswick fans should love this ball!

  8. OD

    Starting off, The Hero Solid really is a fantastic looking ball in your bag, on the shelf and in your hand. Performance wise, the Hero Solid for me is one of those balls you can pull out first thing for practice and understand what the lane is giving you. It has a duller surface out of the box making for what looks like and is above-average on the hook chart and because of that its going to be at its best on the fresh. For heavier conditions, lower rev-rate bowlers are going to love this as it’s going to bite in the mid-lane where other balls won’t and it is going to continue without an overly sharp reaction on the backend. The Hero Solid is a ball you’ll use often and with striking results

  9. Gerard Uhrinek

    The Hero Solid is a great compliment to the original. The solid starts up earlier with a smooth continuous backend motion. This ball is great for a heavier oil and a great benchmark ball. This ball is suited for any type of player. I tend to start with this ball as it has no problem cutting through the oil and finishing strong. This is a must have ball in your bag.

  10. Sal B

    The Hero Solid is a great compliment to the original. By removing the pearl additives from the original Hero, the Hero Solid is better suited for slicker patterns and will be a perfect benchmark type of ball, working for a wide range of bowlers.

  11. Kevin Nagasawa

    What Can I Say I Loved The Original Hero So Why Wouldnt I Love This Hero Solid… As In The Original I Know When It Gets A Little On The Dry Side The Hero Solid Is A Winner! When The Original Hero Didnt Drive Through The Pins This Hero Solid Gets Through What’s Left Of The Oil On The Lane! I Can Definitely Move In With This Ball With AN Inside Line To The Pocket! This Ball Is Definitely Gonna Be A Great Ball Not Only For Tournaments But League As Well! Medium To Light Oil Patterns Is Great For This Ball! Make Sure To Visit Your Pro Shop And Order With One Today!

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