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Brunswick Knock Out Black Blue Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Continuous and Strong Arcing Ball Motion


2.487 (15lb.)

0.050 (15lb)



Savvy Hook 3.5 Solid

500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad

Black /Blue


High Performance

Brunswick Knock Out Black Blue Bowling Ball

(13 customer reviews)


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Brunswick Knock Out Black Blue Bowling Ball Features:

This Knock Out Black and Blue uses Savvy Hook 3.5 Solid, a slightly stronger cover and motion on the lane. In addition to the stronger cover, Brunswick has added sparkle to help it bite through oil, and it uses a stronger finishing process. The Knock Out series is also a perfect complement to the Melee Jab balls, as it uses the same core but a stronger cover and finish. The Knock Out Black and Blue will be another must-have motion in the bag.

13 reviews for Brunswick Knock Out Black Blue Bowling Ball

  1. Tom Marlow

    Knockout black and blue is another knock out from Brunswick.

    It uses the Melee core and uses the savvy hook 3.5 cover. The new cover gives you a stronger motion in the mid lane compared to the OG knockout.
    I drilled mine 50×4.25×30.
    Give me a nice smooth but strong motion through the front of the lane with a strong continuous motion through the pins. This ball will be in both my tournament and and league bag.

  2. Bob Newman

    Brunswick has come out with an updated version of last years very successful Knock Out with the Knock Out Black and Blue. This will again be using the Melee core that has done so well in the Uppercut, Melee series, and now KO series of balls. The cover-stock is solid, same as last years model but has been beefed up to be a little stronger overall. I threw them side by side and for me the Black and Blue picks up a little earlier and is a little smoother. I would say the Black and Blue is about 3-4 boards stronger with my feet than the original. Overall I would say this is a good benchmark type ball that that would find a place in everyone’s arsenal.

  3. Bob Moran

    Same melee core with an updated slightly stronger cover and finish to help it bite through the oil. This ball reads the mids very well and has a nice continuous motion all the way through the pins. It really throws the pins around with the help of dynamicore of course.

  4. C.Miller

    The Knock Out Black Blue is Brunswick’s soon to be released ( 1-28-2022 ) ball that features the Melee core and the Savvy Hook 3.5 Solid coverstock. This coverstock is a little beefier than the original Knock Out and includes sparkles for a little more bite.
    The Knock Out Black Blue gives me a motion that is very controllable. It gets down the lane and reads off the pattern. Keeping the game simple.
    A good ball to start with, to see what the lane is giving you and go from there. Did someone just say benchmark??

  5. Ian L

    If you’re looking for a ball that is a step down from your high end ball, this is definitely a great choice. It’s smooth and has a nice continuous rounded shape. The Knockout black and blue is a great compliment to the Midnight Jab. Comparing it to the Jab, I would say its a good 3 feet earlier with a more rounded shape to it. When you notice the Knockout not finishing well, you can jump right to the Midnight Jab

  6. Brenden

    The all new Knockout Black and Blue is wrapped in a stronger cover stock than the original Knockout. This new cover (Savvy Hook 3.5) definitely creates more of a footprint to the lane. It is easily 3-4 boards stronger with earlier hook, but maintains that extremely round and continuous motion that we loved out of the original knockout. I really love how this ball has more of a sweeping motion down lane, it is extremely friendly to my eye. Gets yours on 1/28/2022!!

  7. Rodney Torres

    What a smart idea to add in those sparkles and make it a bit stronger. Super good combination with the original knockout but this one gives you a little bit more pop then the original.

  8. Scott Gilmore

    If you loved the Knockout, like I did, then you will be stoked for the Black and Blue. This ball has the motion most of us bowlers love. Compared to the black Knockout, the black and blue reads the mids a little earlier. For me, the Knockout has a little more down lane reaction. The two work well together as I think the Black and Blue is a great benchmark ball. If you are a tournament bowler, the Black and Blue needs to have a permanent place in your bag!!

  9. Sal B

    This ball is awesome. A great benchmark ball. Very controllable and reads the mid lane lane nicely and they added the sparkle to help this ball grab a bit harder in the oil. A def must have in your bag.

  10. Jim

    I drilled the Knock Out Black/Blue with the same layout as my solid black Knock Out. The black/blue has more traction in oil and more continuation through the pins. Compared to the solid black, the black/blue Knock Out hooks 4-5 board more overall. Both balls still have the benchmark control shape, but the black blue is a bigger version.

  11. cng260

    The Knock Out Black/Blue is the big brother to the original Knock Out. This one starts up a few feet sooner and handles a bit more oil. I tend to use this ball on our house shot when other balls are going too long and I need to blend the over/under out on the lane. The Knock Out Black/Blue is amongst the stronger symmetrical balls on the market and will work well for a variety of styles as long as some oil is present. This Knock Out is predictable symmetrical power.

  12. Jesse

    WOW! Is def a great word for this one. If you’re looking for a great tournament ball for tougher conditions. Def a good staple in the bag. To me, it reminds me of a stronggg version of a GB2. Still a predictable piece to have but def reads the midland way quicker than a GB2!

  13. Christina L.

    Stats: PAP 4 over ¾ up, 15 mph, 18 tilt, 275 revs. I drilled mine 45×4.25×30. I found this ball to be very smooth, but it still offers plenty of hook. If your original Knock Out is not enough, this ball will provide some additional hook without sacrificing control.

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