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Brunswick Knock Out Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium Oil

Smooth Midlane with Controlled Backend Motion


2.487 (15lb)

.050 (15lb)



Savvy Hook 3.0 Solid Reactive

500, 1000, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad



Mid Performance

Brunswick Knock Out Bowling Ball

(21 customer reviews)


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Brunswick Knock Out Bowling Ball Features:

A Melee core, Savvy Hook 3.0 Solid, and just plain black, the new Brunswick Knock Out is destined to be one of Brunswick’s hottest balls. The Knock Out will be a big symmetric ball motion that will be useful to all styles on medium conditions. It’s basically a solid Jab, the world will love it.

21 reviews for Brunswick Knock Out Bowling Ball

  1. Christopher

    A SOLID MELEE JAB! I honestly could never get the original or the special edition Jab to really do what I needed it to do. It was either too long, or over under. Even with a small surface adjustment, it just wasn’t for me. I ended up taking this ball and laying it out like I did my original Edge Solid and Melee Hook, and man does it get me excited! It really is a benchmark kind of ball from Brunswick that will be the first thing out of your bag each night! Grab one of these for sure! You cannot miss this one! 45 x 4 x 30

  2. Bob Newman

    The Brunswick Knock Out is a very reliable shape, first ball out of the bag type of ball. It is a strong symmetric ball that is a nice follow up to the Uppercut. It is fairly clean through the front of the lane with a rounded shape down lane. For me it will be a Mr. Consistent, not get in trouble kind of ball. I think it will work best on difficult patterns.

  3. Steven Taylor

    The new Brunswick Knockout is a great piece that fits right between my Blood Red and my Uppercut. The smoothness of the Knockout makes it great for all kinds of conditions and will be my first ball out of the bag for a long time! The Knockout in my opinion will cater to all kinds of styles whether you like to hook it or go straighter and the way it goes through the pins is amazing! Get yours on 1-14-21!

    Steven T.
    Track Regional Staff

  4. Ian L

    The name of this ball says it all. Its an absolute knockout. Strong, angular, continuous, controllable is what this ball is. With the 2000 surface that the ball is finished with, it allows me to use it on those fresh medium /medium heavy oil conditions. Its very good from all different angles with changes in hand positions. Comparing it to the Melee Jab blood red, I would say its a good 2-3 feet sooner but still continues through the pins. Both balls are a great compliment to each other as when the knockout isn’t finishing, you can go right to the blood red jab

  5. Bob Moran

    MELEE CORE!!.. Savvy Hook 3.0 cover and all black. It’s basically a solid Jab and who wouldn’t love that? Big symmetric ball motion that is suitable for all.

  6. Kelly Lake

    A home run to start 2021 off right. The new Knock Out is the perfect compliment to the Melee Jab. The stronger coverstock takes really well to surface adjustments to let you play on a variety of lane conditions. Super versatile ball that will be the perfect benchmark piece in most arsenals. Grab this ball and I promise you won’t regret it. I mean it is black and it has a Melee core…what more can you want?

  7. Ryan Galli

    LOVE THIS BALL!!! Must have for tournaments. This ball just does an amazing job at controlling the midlane and giving you a nice all around look off of any pattern. Super Versatile 10/10!

  8. Jim

    The Knock Out is everything I expected and more. I put my favorite symmetrical ball layout on this ball with the pin below the ring finger. I used the same layout on the Spoiler and the Verge, which are two balls I also loved. The Knock Out is easily 5 boards stronger overall and more continuous through the pins than those two balls. It needs a little oil up front or it will want to hook early but it still gives me that ‘benchmark’ controllable shape and takes well to my adjustments. Easily becoming my favorite ball to use on a variety of patterns.

  9. Tom Marlow

    Another knockout by Brunswick!!!!
    This is a first out of the bag benchmark ball from Brunswick. It has the very popular Melee core with the savvy hook 3.0 solid cover stock. Making this a perfect 1/2 punch with the popular blood red. The cover responds to surface change very well you can sand it down you can polish it is very versatile. You can use it on dry patterns and heavy oil patterns just by changing the surface.

    I drilled mine 50x4x50 and what I got was a smooth continuous motion. I see this being the first one out of my bag for a long time.

  10. OD

    Well I’ve got to say they got the name right. This ball packs quite the punch on the medium to heavier oil conditions and really just doesn’t quit. I found myself actually moving a little deeper on the fresh rather than playing straight up the boards because it could still get up the hill. One of its hallmarks is the fact that it’s also versatile. You won’t be crossing a ton of boards like a pearl but if you take a little polish to this ball, you’ve taken away a bit of the early roll and you now have a bit more backend reaction if your league shot dictates it. I’m sure this ball can fit with a variety of bowlers and they will all look like heavyweights with a Knock Out in hand

  11. Ryne Hamblin

    A solid melee jab, and this thing is awesome. Ive seen tons of talk on ball of the year and I wouldn’t dispute it. Such a smooth rolling ball that hits amazing. For comparison I have it reading probably 5 feet smoother than my melee jab se and is smoother off the spot. This ball rolls awesome on house shots and also always makes the tournament bag with how smooth it is and how well it reads the midlane for me. Tons of uses for this one, haven’t experimented with surface changes yet, rolled too well out of box to want to mess with it.

  12. Scott Gilmore

    Brunswick has hit it out of the park with the Knockout! I’m not sure what took me so long to drill one. This ball is the perfect benchmark. Rolls incredibly well. I love how it reacts off of the spot. Smooth not flippy. It has become the first ball out of my bag. Tournament bowlers will love this ball. Really gives you a great read of what the oil pattern is wanting. The Knockout has kept the streak alive for me, and that is show me a black cover ball that isn’t good! Thank you Brunswick!!

  13. Troy LaBrie

    I am a big fan of the Melee core so I was super excited when the Knockout came out. The Knockout has the Melee core with the Savvy hook 3.0 solid cover stock. The layout I used was 55 x 5 x 25. Compared to the Melee Jab Blood Red, the Knockout hooks earlier in the front part of the lane with a smoother motion on the back end. I cannot go as left to right on a fresh house pattern as I can with the Melee Jab Blood Red but I am definitely further left than most due to the core and cover of the Knockout. The Knockout will need to see some oil and is a definite first ball out of the bag contender on your typical house shot. Once the lanes start to transition and you need to go more left to right on the pattern you can switch to the Melee Jab Blood Red which is a very good 1-2 combination of bowling balls.

  14. Sal B

    The Brunswick Knock Out is very easy to read and very smooth. Great first ball out of the bag for sure. It is a strong symmetric ball that is clean through the front of the lane with a rounded shape down lane. Very consistent. Very happy with this release!

  15. TheHopeDiamond22

    Knock Out everything in its way. This is a strong benchmark piece for your bag. As advertised yes a solid melee jab. But with the solid surface and coverstock makes the Knock Out very versatile. Can handle a pretty good amount of oil. Has a heavy roll with strong controllable shape allowing to play a lot of angles. Truck loads of hitting power and continuation. This paired with the blood red jab makes the perfect combo to ball up or down and with little adjustment. Knock Out your competition.

  16. Gerard

    Melee core with a strong versatile cover. This ball is awesome. It will allow you to play any part of the lane you are comfortable with. This will be your benchmark ball!!! The shape is very strong and predictable. Whenever you start moving in you won’t lose hitting power as it has plenty of hitting power left. Definitely a must have. Buy a Knock Out! #BAKO

  17. Christopher Doerr

    80 x 4 1/8 x 55 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    First of all, this ball is all black which is my favorite color to throw. For a mid-price line ball this ball is versatile strong and has a great reaction shape. It is fairly clean through the front, picks up in the midlane, and still has a strong reaction in the end. This ball would work for league and tougher oil patterns, this is a great benchmark ball to have in your bag. I would recommend using this on medium to heavy oil patterns. I always feel the solid black bowling balls roll better and read the lane better than any other color.

  18. Joe Goldstein, Sr.

    The Knock Out is easy to get through the fronts, picks up well in the midlane and is very continuous in the backend. Really blends out patterns well allowing me to keep the ball more in front of me yet has nice shape while swinging it as the block goes on.

  19. Michael Romero

    The Knockout is exactly that! Brunswick got it right with this ball as this ball gives me versatility. This bowling ball is strong, angular, and continuous all in one. I can play the lane by keeping my angles in front of me or I can open up the lane and swing the ball without any loss in performance or hitting power. The layout I have on the ball is 65 x 4.5 x 30. This is a great ball for your league bowlers and perfect for tournament play.

  20. Gabe

    This is a great benchmark ball. It is smooth and recovers well off the friction, if you like the Melee Jab you will love this ball. Starts up earlier then the Melee but has a smooth mid lane read that I like. Great bench mark ball out of your bag. It is truly an all purpose ball you can use in all types of conditions. I’m able to play to the right until transition hits and can still get around the ball and carry the corners when the lanes break down.

  21. Brandon Traynum

    Absolutely wonderful piece. Great benchmark shape with good continuation. Glad to have this in my bag and will be grabbing another one

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