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Brunswick Melee Jab Blood Red Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Some Midlane with Strong Backend Motion


2.487 (15lb)

.050 (15lb)



Savvy Hook 2.0 Pearl Reactive

500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound

Blood Red Pearl


Mid Performance

Brunswick Melee Jab Blood Red Bowling Ball

(16 customer reviews)


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Brunswick Melee Jab Blood Red Bowling Ball Features:

Bowlers love the Melee Jab line for it’s easy length and strong sweeping backend, the Melee Jab Blood Red is an updated version of an all-time favorite and will give you that same great ball reaction.

The Melee Jab Blood Red features Brunswick’s innovative outer core technology called DynamiCore. This industry-leading technology is a more durable outer material that yields less compression upon impact increasing hitting power and creating an undeniable difference in sound and pin carry.


16 reviews for Brunswick Melee Jab Blood Red Bowling Ball

  1. Bob moran

    The Jab has always been a favorite and this blood red is no different. To those who have missed out on the Jab Se due to it being a promotional ball here is your chance to to see what you have been missing.

  2. Dan Schriner

    Blood red is going to be a favorite in my bag due to easy length and strong backend motion. Used it in my last game of league when the last we’re transitioning and was very surprised how easy it got through the front part of the lane. Great for any lane condition.

  3. Ian L

    Another absolute gem by Brunswick. Comparing it to the original Purple Jab or SE, I feel the Blood Red Jab is very close but it is a hair longer and stronger than the original. I’d say its cleaner through the heads and has the same strong but smooth continuous motion that the Jabs are notorious for. A great piece for when the lanes transition and you need to open up your angles.

  4. Sal B

    It’s back by popular Demand! The Brunswick Melee Jab Blood Red. Comparing it to the original Purple Jab, the Blood Red is very close but it is does go a longer and is a little stronger than the original. For the price this ball is amazing and very versatile. Everyone should have one from league bowlers to tournament players.

  5. cng260

    The Melee Jab Blood Red is basically a new take on an old favorite. This is a red version of the popular Melee Jab SE. I also have a Jab SE with a similar layout. With the same surfaces I find this ball to be almost identical in motion with a more rounded shape at the breakpoint. Overall, it is that same predictable continuous Jab motion that made the first Melee Jab so popular. This ball will be playable for most styles and should work on most moderate conditions with friction present. This could be a great benchmark pearl ball. If you missed out on the first two make sure you catch this one.

  6. Ryan Galli

    Versatile, forgiving, continuous, beautiful…… Just the words I use to describe this ball. This ball is a keeper for me. I love it. It strikes all the time. I can take out of the bag in just about every game I personally cannot wait for my second one to get here so I can drill another. Buy one!

  7. Sal B

    This is the first high performance ball to come out of the new plant. New Strata core. Its a asymmetric ball that reads the mid-lane early. It will work well on heavy and longer oil patterns. Def a mist have in the arsenal.

  8. Christopher Doerr

    70 x 3 ¾ x 30 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    I was able to get this one drilled up and I did drill it a stronger layout than my Melee Jab S.E. and this ball was definitely stronger. It had a little earlier roll and plenty of backend to crush the pins. I have altered the surface from the stock 500/1000 compound finish to a 3000 TruCut and it even out the reaction so I was able to continue to use it on the house pattern. Be sure to continue to maintain the surface to avoid the lane shine, about once per month.

  9. gabriel martinez

    Melee Jab Blood Red — 70° x 4” x 40°

    Brunswick’s original Melee Jab SE was a success. This new release has the original core and pearl coverstock but it’s combined with Dynamicore. This provides more hitting power. I did not get a chance to throw the original Melee, but this ball is amazing. Its clean through the fronts, reads the mids really well and drives THROUGH the pocket. I have full confidence in this ball. I have used this ball on numerous patterns and this ball does not disappoint. If the lanes require me to move deep inside and open up the lane, this ball gets down lane and makes the turn without sacrificing too much energy. This is my favorite ball in my bag by far. I would recommend this ball to everyone.

    Gabriel M.
    Brunswick Regional Staff

  10. Kevin

    All Of You Melee Jab SE Fans Out There.. Another Melee Jab But This Time Its The Red Blood…First Off The Color Scheme On This Ball Really Turns Heads Especially Good Marketing For The Ball Name Itself! After Throwing The First Melee This New One Has A Little More Backend Drive Through The Pins.. Same Length Down lane As In The Original But A Few Extra Boards Of Area And Same Drive Through The Pins! The Combination Of The Melee Jab Core And The Savy Hook Cover Stock Really Makes This A Versatile Ball To Have In Your Bowling Bag! Good For Medium To Heavy Oil Patterns… Will Definitely Be Great For House Shots And Tournaments! Make Sure To Visit Your Local Pro Shop Today And Buy One Dont Be One Without One In Your Bag.. Brunswick Comes Through Again With Another Winner!

  11. Joseph Petrovich

    Brunswick Malee Jab Blood Red
    Bowlers love the Melee Jab line for it’s easy length and strong sweeping backend, the Melee Jab Blood Red is an updated version of an all-time favorite and will give you that same great ball reaction.
    Loved the original Malee Jab. For me it was a heavy roll ball that came off the spot pretty hard and set up. The Blood Red gives me a bit more length and a harder hit off the spot. A pretty good skid Flip ball if this is something that you are looking for the later blocks in bowling. Brunswick Has Done it Again 😊

  12. Brian Green

    The melee jab blood red is my get out of jail free ball. The jab performs well for me on medium volume
    And medium length patterns. It’s a very readable ball and has eyes for the pocket. For me the tougher the oil pattern the better the melee jab rolls. I call it my get out of jail free ball because it always finds the pocket…. The melee Jab Blood Red should be a tournament bowlers best friend because of its readability

  13. Troy LaBrie

    I was very excited when the Melee Jab Blood Red came out. I really liked the original Melee Jab but, unfortunately, never got to throw the Melee Jab S.E. The Melee Jab Blood Red has the Melee Core with the Savvy Hook 2.0 pearl reactive cover stock. The layout I used was 75 x 4 x 25. The Blood Red is extremely clean through the front part of the lane with a skid/flip back-end motion. This ball does not quit, especially when it sees friction. When it sees friction it just goes left. Compared to the Knockout, the Blood Red is about 2-3 boards stronger on the back-end for me. I like to start with the Knockout on a fresh house shot and, when the lanes transition, go to the Blood Red. The Blood Red can definitely be the first ball out of the bag but it will require you to be further left which is not always the best way to break-down a house shot. I feel it’s best pull out the Blood Red when you need to go more left to right on the pattern as this ball will be able to clear the fronts easily and go sideways off the spot and have enough energy to go through the pins the correct way.

  14. Gerard Uhrinek

    This is the updated version of one of the all time favorites. This ball gets you through the fronts super clean with a lot of backend reaction! If you are looking for something to move deeper on the lane and open it up then this is the ball for you. People will stop and watch this ball go through the pins. I really like going to this when the fronts start to break down.

  15. Bob Newman

    Brunswick has come up with another winner in the Melee Jab Blood Red. This ball has a strong down lane motion that is more rounded than jumpy. It is very similar to the Uppercut in motion but picks up just a little sooner. This will actually take the place of my Uppercut in the arsenal as mine has a ton of games on it. This cover is clean through the front part of the lane and well into the mid lane. I see it being a house shot killer and will work well in tournament play as Solids start to read to soon.

  16. Corey Umbrello

    This ball is a benchmark type of ball. Not to smooth, not to flippy. The Blood Red will allow bowlers to use this ball when they need to start opening their angles, and it will also keep bowlers out of trouble.

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