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Brunswick Prism Warp Hybrid Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium Heavy to Heavy Oil

Strong Motion on Medium to Heavy Oil Patterns


2.465 (15lb)

.051 (15lb)

.018 (15lb)



A.C.T. 2.0 Hybrid

500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



High Performance

Brunswick Prism Warp Hybrid Bowling Ball

(7 customer reviews)


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Brunswick Prism Warp Hybrid Bowling Ball Features:

Combining the proven Portal core with an even stronger skid-flip version of the A.C.T. cover will deliver great length, a sharp breakpoint and a ball that will handle the transition perfectly.

The Prism Warp Hybrid features Brunswick’s innovative outer core technology called DynamiCore. This industry-leading technology is a more durable outer material that yields less compression upon impact increasing hitting power and creating an undeniable difference in sound and pin carry.

7 reviews for Brunswick Prism Warp Hybrid Bowling Ball

  1. Bob moran

    The prism line has been very successful providing different shapes and plenty of hook. This warp hybrid delivers even more performance then the original hybrid due to the A.C.T 2.0 cover. For me I see the same shape just earlier and a great compliment to the prism warp solid

  2. Ian L

    For me this ball falls right in the middle of the Warp Solid and the Prism hybrid. Comparing it to the Solid, the Warp Hybrid is about 2 feet longer and a good 5 to 6 boards stronger on the backend. Comparing it to the Prism hybrid, I feel the Warp Hybrid is close but picks up a little sooner in the midlane and handles more oil than the Prism Hybrid. A great compliment to both balls in my opinion.

  3. OD

    After using the Prism Warp Hybrid, I can tell you this ball has no quit downlane. It fits smack right in the middle of the Prism Hybrid and the Prism Warp Solid. The Prism Hybrid being your snappy angular ball and the Prism Warp Solid being a stronger early rolling ball, The Prism Warp Hybrid mixes both of them together to give you midlane traction to make it controllable but with a significant backend reaction for throwing those pins around. I’m seeing the Prism Warp Hybrid as a versatile benchmark ball to start off your league night with in any house you find yourself and it has the chops to get you through your whole league session

  4. Sal B

    For me this ball seems gets down lane a little longer than the Warp Solid and a solid 5 boards stronger on the backend. Seems to be very controllable for such a strong ball.

  5. CNG260

    The Prism Warp Hybrid is clean through the fronts with a strong backend motion. It builds on the characteristics of both the original Prism Warp and the Prism Hybrid. This one is long like the Hybrid but with a little more rounded shape like the Prism Warp. It is a great step down when balls like the Warp are too much and too early. This one seems to be pretty good from the track area inside and seems to be very versatile. It possesses the recovery to get back from steep angles but also has the ability to blend the lane due to the little bit of additional midlane. This first Prism Hybrid was a big time hit and I expect this one to be just that much better due to the extra versatility.

  6. Christopher D

    45 x 4 ¼ x 35 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    This ball is stronger than the original Prism Hybrid so I put a little weaker layout on this one to get a similar reaction. I got exactly that and a little bit more power through the pins. Clean through the front part of the lane and a nice transition down lane with a lot or hitting power.

  7. Troy LaBrie

    The Prism Warp Hybrid has the Portal Core with the A.C.T. 2.0 hybrid reactive cover stock. The layout I used was 50 x 5 x 45. I used this layout as it was the layout I used in my Prism Hybrid which was my first ball out of the bag on your typical house shot pattern. Compared to the Prism Hybrid, the Prism Warp Hybrid hooks earlier in the front part of the lane and isn’t as strong on the back-end as the Prism Hybrid. The Prism Warp Hybrid is more smooth on the back-end and not as continuous as the Prism Hybrid. The Prism Warp Hybrid needs to have more oil on the lane to help it go through the front part of the lane. I cannot go left to right with the Prism Warp Hybrid as I can with the Prism Hybrid so I need to be further right to start. As the lanes break down and there is more friction I go to the Prism Hybrid. This is a good 1-2 punch as you can start further right on fresh with the Prism Warp Hybrid and then go to the Prism Hybrid when you have to go more left to right on the pattern.

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