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Brunswick Quantum Evo Hybrid Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane and Continuous Backend Motion


2.510 (15lb)

0.051 (15lb)

0.018 (15lb)



Evolution Reactive

500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad



High Performance

Brunswick Quantum Evo Hybrid Bowling Ball

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Brunswick Quantum Evo Hybrid Bowling Ball Features:

One of the most technologically advanced lines in bowling continues because each core is engineered to match the targeted cover and ball motion specifically. The Brunswick Quantum EVO Hybrid started with the famous mushroom core shape and has been modified by removing mass from the front portion of the core, increasing the intermediate value, and allowing the core shape to maintain its dynamic integrity after drilling. The Quantum EVO Solid uses an .012 intermediate core strength, and the Quantum EVO Pearl utilizes an .024 intermediate; these different cores create optimal ball performance for the cover strength. The Quantum EVO Hybrid fits precisely between the Solid and Pearl EVO balls with its unique shape and a .018 intermediate value.
Combining the best performance attributes of the Quantum EVO Solid and Quantum EVO Pearl creates a ball that will fit most players’ needs. The versatility displayed by the Quantum EVO Hybrid’s combination of core and Evolution Reactive finished at 2000 grit, will put the ball in play from medium-heavy to medium drier conditions depending on the rev rate a speed of the player.


3 reviews for Brunswick Quantum Evo Hybrid Bowling Ball

  1. Tom Marlow

    Having this ball is like having all 3 Evo’s in your bag.
    It’s not as early as the solid and it’s not as strong on the back end as the pearl.

    I drilled mine 50×4.4×30. With this layout on the ball I get a nice controllable motion through the midline with the same continuous motion on the back end. When it hits the pins that dynamicore2 sends them flying.
    I will have this bag in both my tournament and league bag.

  2. Bob Newman

    The Brunswick Evo Hybrid not only looks great with the combination of Light Blue, Lime Green, and Silver rolling down the lane, it also does some serious damage to the pins. For me it picks up in the mid lane but still has a strong angular motion down lane. It really is the definition of a Hybrid. I drilled mine at 50 x 3-1/2 x 20 and in the short time I’ve had it, it really looks like a winner.

  3. Bryan Williams, PBA Member and DV8 Pro Staff

    Greatness Continued!

    The Brunswick Quantum is synonymous with bowling ball greatness and since the launch of the new Quantum Evo Line, the bowling industry is once again introduced to bowling ball greatness. The new Brunswick Quantum Evo Hybrid is an incredible addition to the already successful Quantum Evo line. The new Quantum Evo Hybrid is the perfect blend of continuous ball motion and hitting power. This ball gives you a bit more length than the original Quantum Evo Solid, but retains its energy and incredible hitting power. As a hybrid fan, this ball performs as most hybrids do…VERY predictableand controllable. The Quantum Evo Hybrid is drilled just above the ring finger to allow the ball to give me just a little more length and store its energy better, so when the ball hits friction, it makes a strong continuous move through the pins.This ball is the perfect fit into the Evo line and is a great fit for any league or tournament bowler. The new Quantum Evo Hybrid is a definite must have in your bag.

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