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Brunswick Vapor Zone Hybrid Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Good Length with Strong Continuous Backend Motion


2.478 (15lb)

.048 (15lb)

.017 (15lb)



Activator Plus 2.0 Hybrid

500, 3000 Siaair Micro Pad



Mid Performance

Brunswick Vapor Zone Hybrid Bowling Ball

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Brunswick Vapor Zone Hybrid Bowling Ball Features:

The Vapor Zone Hybrid uses the Activator Plus 2.0 Hybrid coverstock along with the Zone Asymmetric core design that was found in the Vintage Vapor Zone and the Vapor Zone Solid. Activator Plus 2.0 has been used previously on the Hero and on the previous Vapor Zone releases, but this is the first time it has been used in a hybrid version. The 500/3000 SiaAir box finish gives this ball strong hook in the midlane, while the hybrid cover helps it retain enough energy to make a strong move at the end of the pattern.

The Vapor Zone Hybrid fits perfectly between the shiny Vintage Vapor Zone and the dull and aggressive Vapor Zone Solid. The Vapor Zone Hybrid is the best of both worlds, combining the pearl and solid Activator Plus 2.0 covers and finished with a smooth 3000 grit Siaair for ease through the front of the lane and strong backend continuation.


5 reviews for Brunswick Vapor Zone Hybrid Bowling Ball

  1. Ian Lang

    The Vapor Zone hybrid is the best of both worlds when comparing the pearl and the solid. For me sometimes the pearl went a little too long and missed the breakpoint at times and the Solid was just a little too early for me. With the new hybrid, it gives me a perfect blend of backend and traction. It gets down the lane very nice for a hybrid and still has plenty of energy left for the backend. Its reads the backend perfectly and is very continuous through the pins.

  2. Larry Fricker Jr

    Compared to the Vintage Vapor Zone I have the hybrid a few boards sooner and smoother off the backend. This is definitely a great benchmark ball to add to your bag. Once the lanes break down I think this ball will be a absolute beast on the lanes.

  3. Troy

    Brunswick has done it again. They have created a perfect 3 ball arsenal with the Zone line. The Vapor Zone Hybrid fits between the Vintage Vapor Zone and the Vapor Zone Solid. The Hybrid combines the pearl and solid Activator Plus 2.0 covers finished with a 3000 grit Siaair. The layout I used was 55 x 5 x 25. For me, this layout is clean through the front, reads the midlane very well and still has enough energy to recover and go through the pins with a continuous motion. They Hybrid is perfect when the Vapor Zone Solid is a little too early and the Vintage Vapor Zone is going a tad too long. This ball looks like it will work best for slower speed players with a little less rev rate and is best suited for low to medium oil patterns and your typical house shot.

  4. Chris Walden

    The Vapor Zone Hybrid is an extremely versatile piece for me. The OG vapor zone was very good on fresh, with my ball speed (18.7-19) and rev rate at 480. Game two, this ball shined. I was able to move into the oil line, and continue to feed the ball right without it going crazy. It allows me to keep my angles in front of me, while having that strong mid-lane read when in deeper than anyone else

  5. Dwayne A. Jenkins

    Very versatile ball for those that miss having or using the original or Vintage Vapor Zone. This ball has length with the right drilling angles, and has lots of continuation to split the pocket nicely without much deflection. I had lots of fun using this arsenal in leagues and tournaments with various patterns, and seems to last a lot longer than most mid to aggressive coverstocks that you will find with big cores. Therefore, I can imagine this ball getting lots of attention from a lot of loyal Brunswick fans and league bowlers all around.

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