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Columbia 300 Baller Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Smooth Hook Motion


2.52 (15lb.)

.052 (15lbs.)

.018 (15lbs.)


Big Time

ERT Hybrid

500/2000 Abralon



High Performance

Columbia 300 Baller Bowling Ball

(5 customer reviews)


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Columbia 300 Baller Bowling Ball  Features:

The Baller combines a new coverstock and a new asymmetric weight block to create a new high performance release for Columbia 300. Its ERT Hybrid coverstock comes out of the box at a 500/2000 Abralon finish, creating heavy traction in the midlane and plenty of overall hook. The new Big Time core is a higher RG design than the Savage core, from Columbia 300’s other asymmetrical line. Both balls are close in differential, giving them similar flare potential. This ball’s dull cover and aggressive core design offers slightly better reaction on heavy oil patterns over medium patterns.

Baller, by Columbia 300, brings new technology to the brand from inside and out. The combination of the uniquely designed Big Time core and ERT Hybrid coverstock produces unseen hook potential. Take your game to the next level with the Baller.

Big Time Core – Big Time is a strong, asymmetric core design featuring mass concentrated on one plane. With  typical layouts, this mass creates a stable rotation through the middle part of the lane. As the core undergoes precession, it re-orientates into an unstable rotation through the back end. During this unstable rotation, the core consumes energy at a faster rate, therefore enhancing the ball’s ability to hook down lane.

ERT Hybrid Coverstock – The key to reactive coverstock technology is the footprint created on the lane. With ERT Hybrid, we’ve enhanced this footprint by making the coverstock more elastomeric. Not only does this new coverstock create more hook potential, it also creates a more consistent reaction on the lanes as well.

Columbia 300 recommends Powerhouse Clean N’ Dull to keep the Baller performing at its best.


5 reviews for Columbia 300 Baller Bowling Ball

  1. Zack

    Columbia 300 did a great job with the Baller. This ball is a very strong asymmetrical ball that does not stop at all. The ball keeps digging and digging into the lane and it never stops hooking at all, on any part of the lane. This ball is a must have in your bag, great for the medium to heavier oil conditions. This ball blast through the pins unlike anything else I’ve seen.

  2. Manny Castillo

    Baller is ballin in the bowling alley

    Brand new cover, brand new core, HyperSHOCK technology, and a motion from Columbia 300 that we haven’t seen. The Baller is a great high performance ball that enjoys being rolled in heavy oil conditions. I was able to roll the Baller during league recently and noticed myself migrating left and the Baller still had plenty of energy to put 10 back in the pit. This is a special ball to me as a league and competitive tournament bowler the Baller is in the lineup.

    And don’t forget to claim your FREE white dot with the purchase of this ball, any weight any color.

  3. Craig Miller

    The Baller is the one you need when you encounter heavier/longer oil conditions. It does not quit! Great midlane traction with a smooth motion off the pattern, saving energy for continuation through the pins. The Baller gets stronger as you move left.

    The Baller even comes with a FREE White Dot, your choice of color and weight.

  4. Bob Newman

    The new Columbia 300 Baller is a pretty aggressive ball. The asymmetric core and hybrid cover combination on this ball just work. If you watch the videos available they explain the core in a way that makes sense when you see the ball roll. The core starts off stable, then when the cover reads the friction, the core becomes unstable fighting to turn. Once that has happened the core once again becomes stable to help maintain the path through the pins. Bottom line, I like the way it rolls, I like the carry, the pins seem to stay low, and there is a promotion so you get a free White Dot spare ball thru the end of the year. What’s not to like?

  5. Michael Pixley

    The Baller is absolutely incredible – best ball I’ve ever thrown and it’s not even really close. It’s also the strongest ball I’ve ever seen, but it’s overall shape is more similar to a lot of the mid-range balls. It’s very controllable, continuous and predictable.

    I have a heavy hand and not a lot of tilt, so the really high-end hooking balls are usually lost on me. The Baller gives me a tool I’ve never had before, being able to cover a lot of boards without any worry of it spending all of it’s energy before the end of the lane.

    It has hitting power I’ve never seen before as well. Usually, I can tell off my hand when I didn’t get enough leverage and I expect a flat 7. It just doesn’t happen with the Baller. I’ve been averaging about 250 over a month since I got it, and already got a second one with a different layout.

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