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Columbia 300 Chaos Black Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil



2.48 (15lb)

.054 (15lb)



Exciter Solid

500/1000 Abralon Polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish



Mid Performance

Columbia 300 Chaos Black Bowling Ball

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Columbia 300 Chaos Black Bowling Ball Features:

The Chaos Black is the newest addition to the Orange Line for Columbia 300. This Chaos uses the same symmetrical weight block as the green and black Chaos from earlier this year, providing an RG of 2.48″ and a total differential of 0.054″. It features a solid version of the Exciter coverstock. This cover is finished with 500/1000 Abralon and then polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish, making it one of the few factory-polished reactive solids on the market. Its glossier surface finish helps to give the Chaos Black more length and a stronger reaction off the dry than the previous Chaos.

At Columbia 300, we like to live on the wild side. Typically we like to wow our customers with flashy colors and performance that matches. When we create a ball like the Chaos Black that makes a head turning change direction at the breakpoint, toning down the color scheme is a must to keep some sense of order.

The Chaos core is a very low RG symmetric core with a very high differential. This allows the Chaos Black to rev up easier, enhancing the coverstock’s ability to create friction with the lane.

Exciter is the same coverstock we put on our High Performance Savage line. The inherent nature of this coverstock is to be very aggressive in the midlane. The factory polished finish takes what is normally an aggressive midlane reaction and turns it into a very responsive motion at the breakpoint.

HyperSHOCK Technology (patent pending) helps power the ball through the pins by controlling the influence they have on the ball’s path through the deck. Columbia 300 balls with HyperSHOCK not only get you to the pocket, but drive through like no other on the planet.

5 reviews for Columbia 300 Chaos Black Bowling Ball

  1. Bob Newman

    The Columbia 300 Chaos Black gives me a different shape than any other ball in my arsenal. I’ve used other balls that were “skid/flip” but never one that has this much coverage. It is factory polished so it is clean through the front part of the lane but is extremely strong off the pattern and really strong through the pins. It’s a no brainer on a house shot and I can see using this ball on longer or high volume patterns when you need that little extra kick down lane.

  2. Paul Smith

    Time to bring more chaos to the lanes!! The chaos black has been a ball out of my bag quite frequently as I like the shape of it. I drilled mine with the pin closer to my axis to get it to be smoother but still hit in the back. With my ball speed being higher it helps having a motion I can control in the back and this ball does that perfectly. The Chaos and the Chaos Black is currently the best 2 ball option to be in any bag right now as the versatility of them both is important and amazing.

  3. Michael Pixley

    This ball is extremely clean through the front part of the lane. A lot of times, a ball that clean through the fronts tends to snap hard when it hits friction, which can lead to a reaction down lane that’s hard to control. I don’t run into that with this ball, because it still has a very consistent and controllable reaction down lane. For me, it’s the best of both worlds.

    If you’re a speed dominant player and have trouble finding cleaner/longer bowling balls that you can match up with, this is definitely one for you.

  4. Jennifer King

    There really isn’t anything not to like about this ball – that is unless you don’t like your transition balls to get through the fronts and still be able to drive through the pins.

    Symmetrical ✔
    Skid/Flip ✔

    Nice compliment to the green Chaos for when you need to get through the fronts without compromising your back-end motion. I gravitate towards my Chaos black towards the end of the block when the lanes are starting to get a little…squirrel-y. Gives me a predictable and consistent motion while maintaining the energy needed to continue ❌❌❌

  5. Craig Miller

    The Chaos Black is a ball I find that has great length and a huge, angular motion off the pattern, with unbelievable continuation off the deck.
    My Chaos Black will see action on house shots, medium to heavier oil patterns, and transition.
    The Chaos Black truly gives me a different motion than any other ball in my bag!
    Don’t forget to register your Chaos Black, to receive a FREE Chaos Black T-Shirt. Limited quantities are available. Register your ball on Columbia 300’s page.

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