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Columbia 300 Chaos Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane and Continuous Backend Motion


2.48 (15lb)

.054 (15lb)



Exciter Hybrid

500/2000 Abralon



Columbia 300 Chaos Bowling Ball

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Columbia 300 Chaos Bowling Ball Features:

At Columbia 300, they like to live on the wild side. Bright colors on balls that hook off the lane and cause devastation to the pins. And this one is no different. Create some Chaos on medium to heavy oil conditions with an aggressive mid lane and continuous backend reaction.

The Chaos core is a very low RG symmetric core with very high differential. You can expect the Chaos core to rev up very quickly in the mid lane.

Exciter is the same coverstock Columbia put on their High Performance Savage line. You can expect aggressive mid lane traction from the Exciter Hybrid finished at 500/2000 Abralon, along with a big continuous down lane motion.

2 reviews for Columbia 300 Chaos Bowling Ball

  1. Michael Romero

    The Columbia300 Chaos is a great medium to heavy oil pattern ball to have! This ball has a strong midlane read and will be continuous downlane, meaning you can control this ball from start to finish. The Chaos allows you to play a little straighter on heavier oil patterns or play to your comfort level on your medium patterns or THS. Must have in your bag especially for tournament play! Depending on the pattern and ball surface, this could be the first ball out of your bag to start the tournament or a good compliment to transition especially on heavier patterns!

  2. Jennifer King

    As a speed dominant player, I’m always looking for pieces that help me combat the fresh and keep my angles in front of me for longer – the Chaos is one of those pieces. You can’t go wrong with the predictability of a symmetrical core, and the Chaos is no different.

    When the lanes start to transition, it pairs nicely with it’s counterpart the Chaos black. Which, let’s face it, the less we have to think about which ball to switch to next…THE BETTER!

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