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Columbia 300 Command Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Skid/Flip Motion


2.513 (15lb.)

.053 (15lbs.)

.021 (15lbs.)



A. R. S. (Angular Reactive System)

500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



High Performance

Columbia 300 Command Bowling Ball

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Columbia 300 Command Bowling Ball Features:

The Command is a strong asymmetric pearl, which together creates excellent mid-lane and continuation. The core and cover are all-new and have been developed to produce more motion from a shiny pearl than seen before in the Columbia 300 line.

10 reviews for Columbia 300 Command Bowling Ball

  1. Christopher

    OH MY GOODNESS! So, I loved the Authority Pearl. This is really what I can compare it to, as I wasn’t able to throw Columbia prior to the acquisition. I laid it out the same, and this command is a foot sooner at least, and way more angular on the back! I was 4 left to start of where the authority was for me, and continued to be able to move further and further without losing any reaction In the back. During league i started at 16, by the end of game 2, I was able to keep the same hand position and my laydown was 27. It’s crazy, but this ball rolls soooo good! I’ve got two more coming and cannot wait to add them to my arsenal!

  2. Dan Schriner

    Super excited to throw the command with its skid/flip reaction makes it very easy in the fronts and not to sharp off the corner which is nice for the lower speed bowlers. With its new core ‘movement’ and new coverstock ‘angular reaction system’ making it a versatile for all types of bowlers. If you haven’t gotten one yet what are you waiting for! Take command of your game!!

  3. Tim Tripp

    The first thing you notice when throwing the Command is how easy it gets down the lane. Then you see the new core and cover create noticeably more ball motion than previous C300 asymmetrical pearls. This combination gives the Command a very strong back end lane reaction with excellent hitting power.

  4. Kevin (verified owner)

    I didn’t like the ball out of box finish. Once I tweaked the surface this ball became a monster. It starts up a little early but doesn’t over hook, lays off on the back end. It is an amazing ball for sport patterns, controls the backend well and reads at the perfect spot on the lane! Great ball, goes through the pins exactly how you would want it to.

  5. David Meyer


    WOW!!! Hot off the press with a 300, game 1, on league night. I’m very excited about this strong Asymmetrical Pearl from Columbia. The ball was super clean through the front part of the lane and angular on the back end. I was super impressed with the STRONG but PREDICTABLE back end motion. C300 has outdone themselves with this one. I can see the COMMAND having a home in the bag for quite some time. 65x4x35
    DON’T WAIT, get your COMMAND ASAP!!

  6. Matt Murtishaw

    The super high performance skid/flip pearls are typically not the best types of balls for my style and what I like to see on the lanes, but the Command is a brand of skid/flip that I can actually use. I am somewhat rev dominant, so the big skid/flip balls are typically hard to manage in the back, but the Command actually does a really good job of blending the lanes while maintaining a sharp entry angle. It still does what it is intended to do, like get through the front and create angle down-lane, but it doesn’t sacrifice control to do so.

    I also think this would be a good ball for speed dominant players looking for a strong pearl. Because it won’t blast through the front and never enter a good roll. The ball has some teeth, so I consider it to be a lot more useful than your typical skid/flip ball.

  7. TheHopeDiamond22

    Response on Command. 500/compound provides early grip but still clean. Good mid lane read. Not super flippy off the dry but a strong change of direction. Has great continuous motion through the pins. For me this was good on transition and as they started to dry up a bit. Compared to the Authority pearl I have this one a bit longer and overall stronger.

  8. Tom Marlow

    I was very impressed by the Command From Columbia. This is going to be your big strong asymmetrical skid slip ball. I was very impressed with this balls ability make it back to the pocket from any part of the lane. This ball had no problem getting though the front part of the line and watching it turnover and absolutely demolished the pins on the backend.

  9. Christopher Doerr

    65 x 3 3/4 x 35 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    This ball is clean through the fronts and does not disappoint in the backend reaction. This layout does not too much flip for me on the backend but has great continuation. I had the same layout on my Prism Hybrid because the core shape seemed very similar. The reaction is pretty close to what I had before, but a little cleaner and more angular because of the pearl coverstock. It would be good for medium oil volumes.

  10. TQ N.

    One of the most angular Down lanes balls I have come across in my years of bowling! If you like sharp turning equipment this will definitely be a good buy! I just get inside and and throw it right. This ball goes through the fronts with ease but has a violent reaction off the pattern! If you want a hook monster grab a command today!

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