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Columbia 300 Dynamic Swing Pearl Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Good Length with Stong Backend Motion


2.482 (15lb.)

.047 (15lbs.)

.012 (15lbs.)


Modified Swing Full

ERT Pearl

500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



Mid Performance

Columbia 300 Dynamic Swing Pearl Bowling Ball

(6 customer reviews)


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Columbia 300 Dynamic Swing Pearl Bowling Ball Features:

Columbia 300 is back in the swing of things with a pearl version of the popular Dynamic Swing from the fall. The Dynamic Swing Pearl is poured in a similar color combo to the original Dynamic Swing, but the addition of pearl to all colors and a compound finish gives the Columbia 300 fans a great compliment to the dull, hybrid original Dynamic Swing. The eye-catching Dynamic Swing Pearl is impressive for its appearance and the sideways reaction you’ll get from it on medium to oily lanes.

6 reviews for Columbia 300 Dynamic Swing Pearl Bowling Ball

  1. Zack Stone

    The Dynamic Swing Pearl is whoa!!! Little bit more snappy backend than the Dull Hybrid version, but very controllable ball motion. My PAP is 4 1/8 Right and 1 1/2 Up, so for me with a pin up layout with a high pin gives me length and stored energy in the backend, with a snap in the backend to hit the pins hard. My pin down layout is a little bit more controllable and reads earlier for the heavier oil to begin with and the pin up layout is more for dryer lane conditions.

  2. Dan Schriner

    Great compliment to the swing hybrid. Swing pearl still has the nice color combo, my pin up swing is more responsive down lane then the hybrid. If your looking for a ball with some down lane motion Dynamic Swing Pearl is the ball for you.

  3. Timothy Tripp

    The addition of pearl to all colors and a compound finish gives the Dynamic Swing Pearl additional length and a much more noticeable change of direction down lane.

    The Dynamic Swing Pearl is an outstanding compliment to original hybrid version and is ideal for medium to heavy oil.

    These two balls work great together for me. When the hybrid no longer reads the back of pattern the pearl does allowing me to continue playing the same part of the lane with only minimal adjustments.

    Definitely an outstanding one-two punch to have in your bag.

  4. Matt Murtishaw

    I decided to drill two of these, one pin up and the other was pin down. I used the same pin up layout that I used on my original Dynamic Swing.

    Compared to the original Dynamic Swing, the Dynamic Swing Pearl was WAY cleaner through the front. For me, it made the ball a lot more usable because I could use it when there was a little breakdown in the heads. It was definitely sharper off the spot and more continuous in the back.

    Compared to my Columbia 300 Command, it was cleaner through the front and more continuous through the pins, so if I brought my Dynamic Swing, Command, and Dynamic Swing Pearl to league, I would start with the Dynamic Swing, transition to the Command, and finish with the Dynamic Swing Pearl.

    Ok, so who is this ball going to work for? In my opinion, if you need something to open the lanes up, this is the ball. I have been inside of 6th arrow and split the 8 – 9 with ease. If you need a ball you can trust will strike from way inside, this is the one. Especially the pin down one. For speed dominant players, if you need something for when the lanes break down in the front, this might actually be a good option too. Even though it is a stronger ball, it just gets through the fronts so easily. I still haven’t had a chance to try it on long patterns (California has extremely limited bowling opportunities right now), but I suspect this will be the right ball for that because it is so strong off the spot – especially my pin up one.

  5. Christopher Doerr

    40 x 3 3/4 x 40 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    Since this ball has DOT technology, I wanted to try new angles I have never used before but keep a strong pin position. With this layout, the ball ended up being very clean and smooth through the entire lane. It allowed me to play further right than I am normally do and the ball held the line well and continued through the pins. This will work well for me when the heads start to dry up and the lanes open up as well. Great ball for when the lanes start to transition.

  6. Tom M.

    Wow. This Has to be one of the best pearl balls Columbia has ever made. I’ve only used it a few times since I drilled it and man this ball is really good. It easily gets through the front of the lane with no problem whatsoever no early hook and stores tons of energy on the backend. I was able to miss in I be able to miss Right this ball is very forgiving. Add dynamic core to this ball and you get to watch the pins fly.

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