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Columbia 300 Eruption Pearl Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium Oil

Strong Midlane and Backend Continuation


2.469 (15lb.)

.043 (15lb)




500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound

Dark Blue/Purple


Mid Performance

Columbia 300 Eruption Pearl Bowling Ball

(10 customer reviews)


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Columbia 300 Eruption Pearl Bowling Ball Features:

Throwback names have done well for Columbia 300, and this new Eruption Pearl isn’t just a throwback name. The Eruption Pearl is an extension of the successful Resurgence core, and that has been found in so many great Columbia 300 balls. The Eruption Pearl has a lot of mid-lane and overall hook for a symmetric pearl ball and will be a useful motion for any bowler style. Just as the original Eruption letter stated, this is an outrageous amount of performance in a mid-price ball.


10 reviews for Columbia 300 Eruption Pearl Bowling Ball

  1. Brenden

    I was missing a piece in the lower tier of my current bag, I had the web pearl, melee midnight blue and the intel pearl SE for when they really get beat up. I drilled the eruption pearl with a 5 1/4 pin with a 2 3/4 pin buffer (around 40 degree VAL) and this ball truly fits that gap between the we pearl and melee blue for me. It is much cleaner in the midlane than the web pearl, but what I love about it is that it creates a more rounded and continuous motion rather than more of a skid flip/hook set reaction that can happen out of the middle tier to lower pearlized bowling balls. Definitely look to pick this one up for your league AND tournament bag. Get yours on 1/28/22!

  2. Bob Newman

    The Columbia 300 Eruption fits into my arsenal very well. It is pretty darn strong for a mid price ball. It is stronger than my Radical Intel Pearl but weaker than my Hammer Web Pearl so it does slot right in the middle. Being a pearl cover it has easy length but is quite strong down lane. If you could call a pearl ball a benchmark ball, this would be my benchmark pearl.

  3. Tim Tripp

    This new Eruption Pearl isn’t just a throwback name. The Eruption Pearl uses the successful Resurgence core, and reminds me a lot of the original Eruption series. It gets down lane with ease and has strong mid lane motion and overall hook. As a symmetric pearl, the Eruption Pearl will give you a predictable ball motion and terrific hitting power. This ball is very versatile and can be used by multiple bowling styles. Whether or not you were able to throw the original Eruptions you will not be disappointed with this New Eruption Pearl.

  4. Tom Marlow

    The Columbia brand is coming a long way!
    First they gave us the power torque and now we have the Eruption pearl. The Eruption pearl is a great complement to the power torque. Eruption will be the first ball out of your bag when you see the front part of the lane is kind of dry and you need that ball that’s gonna get you through the front part of the lane.
    I Drilled mine 55×4.25×30. What get from this is a nice smooth motion though the front of the lane and a smooth Continuous motion on the back that sends the pins flying. I really like what I see out of this ball and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

  5. Rodney Torres

    I was literally asking for a remake of an eruption a few weeks before they announced this ball and man it does not disappoint. Ball is super strong for the price point and I feel like it should be In everyones tournament bag! Will definitely buying a few more of these before they go away.

  6. Chris Walden

    5 x 4 1 /2 x 30

    Another Eruption!

    Columbia is slowly becoming a top brand for me out of the bag! Very impressed with this ball! Drilled mine 45 4 1/2 x 30, plenty of recovery down-lane. It glides through the front with ease, but definitely does not quit in the back! A house pattern killer!

  7. Zack

    This ball fills a gap in my bag when the lanes are really dry or when the lanes have over and under. My PAP is 4 1/8 up and 1 1/2 right, drilled my Eruption Pearl Pin up and that pin up layout is 4 1/4in from my PAP. This allows the ball to go down lane further and read the dry part of the lane sooner, which allows me to control the pocket better. I have light surfaced and shined this ball to see the different ball motions, and you definitely can tell the difference with the surface changes. Go get yours at your local pro shop today!!

  8. Brandon Michael Traynum

    This ball fits very well in that low to mid end area of your bag. Very good with handling friction and controlling it rather than immediately changing direction. Another great ball from Columbia!

  9. David Meyer

    The Eruption is a symmetric pearl by Columbia 300. The Eruption is very clean through the fronts with strong but predicable backend motion. The Eruption is a great step down from my Power Torq. The Eruption appears to be very versatile regarding lane play and the continuation threw the pins is phenomenal. Visit your local Pro Shop Operator and get your Eruption Pearl.

  10. Bob Moran

    A lot of performance for a mid price ball. This ball is pretty smooth off the friction which is great when there’s a lot of it and you don’t want that sharp left turn. I’ve found myself going to this ball late in blocks to control the friction as it also easily floats through the front of the lane.

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