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Columbia 300 Power Torq Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium Heavy to Heavy Oil

Length with Strong Backend


2.489 (15lb)

.054 (15lb)



ERT Solid

500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad

Sky Blue


High Performance

Columbia 300 Power Torq Bowling Ball

(15 customer reviews)


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Columbia 300 Power Torq Bowling Ball Features:

The Power Torq is not a remake of the early 1990s Power Torq, Columbia 300 revisited the name as homage to the brand’s history, but the core and cover combination are new. They increased their development and testing process for this ball, and you’ll see evidence of this when you watch the ball motion. Columbia 300 is back to pouring multi-density cores, something they pioneered and were known for. The multi-density cores allow them to target mass properties within the core body to enhance desired ball motion. The Low RG and High Differential core numbers and new core inner don’t appear different on paper, but you will notice the difference on the lanes.

The cover is their ERT base and is poured in a solid, and does contain a light load of traction-enhancing sparkle. The Power Torq is a solid, sanded ball but is not your heavy oil ball. It is designed to work on various conditions and will likely prove to be your most versatile ball. They are excited to introduce the Power Torq into the Columbia 300 product line. It’s an exceptional product that is just what the brand needs right now.


15 reviews for Columbia 300 Power Torq Bowling Ball

  1. Tom Marlow

    When this Ball was announced i was very excited about it. It has great shelf appeal it’s a solid color bowling ball.

    I drilled mine 70×3.5×20. The motion I got from this was a very super clean ball through the front of the lane with a smooth continuous motion on the backend.

    When I first threw the ball I thought it had the same motion as a urethane ball but it’s not urethane. I see this ball is being used as a medium oil ball or a broken down house shot ball.

  2. Sal B

    The Power Torq is a great additional to your arsenal. It’s a solid that works on various conditions and very smooth and controllable. Very versatile ball. From I seen works best on Med to heavy oil. Gets down lane with continuous backend. A must have in your bag

  3. Sal B

    The Hammer Purple Urethane is very strong for a urethane. If you were a fan of the original or just love Urethane than you need this ball. If your a tournament player you def need this ball in your bag. Great for shorter patterns and lighter oil. Most people I know I have two.

  4. Christina L.

    Stats: PAP 4 over ¾ up, 14.5 mph, 18 tilt, 275 revs. The Power Torq is the latest symmetrical piece from Columbia 300. You can expect length with a continuous backend with this ball. I drilled mine 4×20 and that is exactly what I saw. This ball has worked well on the fresh for me, as I have a lower ball speed, but it is also ideal when your Command Solid is too much and you need to ball down or if you want something less flippy than the Command Pearl, but that still has the ability to make it through the fronts. It is a super versatile ball, so it will make a great addition to any bag.

  5. Dan Schriner

    Power Torq is very catchy with its eye popping color of sky blue. With its new core/cover combination, it’s a great benchmark ball with its easy length and continuous backend it will be everyone 1st choice out of the bag. Great for medium patterns.

  6. Bob moran

    Not only does it look good it performs even better. Strong arc and continuation through the pins makes this a great option for being the first ball out of the bag. Very versatile and best used for medium to heavy conditions

  7. C. Miller

    The Power Torq is described as a ball that gives you length and a continuous backend motion.A ball that is versatile and can be used on multiple lane conditions.

    YES to all the above!

    What stood out the most to me was the amount of recovery room down lane, when opening up my angles. Keeping it’s energy through the deck.

  8. Bob Newman

    I’ve had the Power Torq for about 6 or 7 weeks now and the thing that jumps out at me most is how well it takes surface changes. I used it on 5 different sports patterns in 5 different houses and it has really turned into my first out of the bag ball. I’ve taken the cover as low as 500, used it at 1000, 1500, & recently 2000 and the ball just keeps performing. Surprisingly to me, it clears the heads easily, has a smooth rounded arc but the real beauty of this ball is how it goes through the pins. It is very continuous without much deflection at all. So far it has exceeded my expectations.

  9. Kevin Alan Nagasawa

    First Of All How Can You Go Wrong With The Color? Very Eye Appealing To The Consumer And Looks Great On The Wall Of The Pro Shop! Definitely Have Been Looking Forward To This Ball For Some Time Now! As Soon As It Was Available I Made Sure To Order One! Definitely A Very Versatile Bowling Ball Can Be Played From Multiple Angles And Will Fit With Any Type Of Rev Rate.. Great House Shot Ball To Have Or Anything Of Medium Length Volume Will Make A Great Tournament Ball To Add To Your Bag.. It Is Definitely A Medium Rolling Ball With A Little Bit Of Bite Just Enough To Kick Out Those Corner Pins! I Highly Recommend You Visit Your Local Pro Shop Today And Get One!

  10. Ian L

    Power Torq- an all time classic in the 90s and soon to be a classic in the 2020s. Just an overall great ball. Strong, controllable, and versatile. Allows for many styles of players such as down and in, straighter and those bowlers that like to hook it. Great for medium to heavy oil conditions.

  11. Manny Castillo

    The Power Torq a great symmetrical piece from Columbia 300. The out of the box finish is very clean with a continuous backend. I drilled mine 45x4x35 and I was able to find my way to the pocket on my local house conditions very easily but for those tournament patterns I needed to apply a grittier surface which this ball takes very well. This is a great all around ball that you can either start with or ball down from a big solid asymmetrical ball (Command Solid) or when your big asymmetrical pearl (Command Pearl) is too violent. The Power Torq will make a great addition to any bag.

  12. Rodney Torres

    WOW! What an amazing ball! Ball has great shelf appeal and packs a punch downlane! Ball is really responsive to friction but when it hits the friction it doesn’t stop, it keeps on going! Everyone should have one or two of these that’s for sure.

  13. Matt Murtishaw

    I drilled this ball as a benchmark to my arsenal, and that is exactly what it is.

    It is always the first ball out of my bag because it is that Goldie Locks of skid, hook, and shape.

    I expected it to be early and smooth, but it’s actually not super early or smooth. It’s pretty strong for a symmetrical ball. It gets through the front quite well. Not overly ambitious on the back-end, but sufficiently continuous to strike from even the deep inside angles.

    I have adjusted the surface a few times, and it seems to work well with any surface, but I prefer 500 grit.

  14. David Meyer

    The Power Torq by Columbia 300 might be the best symmetrical solid I have ever thrown to date. My Power Torq reads the mid lane and has a very continuous but predictable motion on the back end. The Power Torq has proven to be very versatile and I have been able to play multiple angles to the pocket depending on the oil pattern with a good carry percentage. This ball is a “must have” and bowlers that are looking for predictable motion and versatility should visit there local pro shop operator and inquire about this ball.

  15. Jason Taylor

    A ball name that has great retro vibes, but this ball is anything but old. The all new ERT Solid reactive coverstock finished at 500/2000 Siaair Micro Pad can tackle medium to heavy lanes with a continuous backend motion.  What that means to us as bowlers is, a fantastic benchmark solid. This ball is the first out of my bag on my house condition. The ball reads the friction like a map. Clean through the fronts and not shy on the backs.  The Power Torq creates great angles when I need to move left and still plays with control. The cover contains a light load of traction-enhancing sparkle that helps it dig in without fizzling out too early. 

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