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Columbia 300 Resurgence Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Great Benchmark Reaction. Smooth and Predictable on Medium to Heavy Oil


2.46 (15lb)

.043 (15lb)



Reflex Hybrid

500/2000 Abralon



Columbia 300 Resurgence Bowling Ball

(6 customer reviews)


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Columbia 300 Resurgence Bowling Ball Features:

The Resurgence is a remake from Columbia 300. This ball uses the same Resurgence core shape that has been used frequently in C300 balls since its inception. This core was brought into a lower price point in the Eruption line and is now back with an even stronger coverstock. The Reflex Hybrid cover has been used previously on higher-priced bowling balls, like the Impulse and the Swerve GT. On this version of the Resurgence, the cover is finished with 500 and 2000 Abralon. Thanks to its dull, aggressive coverstock and low RG (2.46″) core design, the Resurgence will rev up very quickly for all bowlers.

Resurgence was Columbia 300’s first High Performance release under the EBI umbrella. This strong symmetric piece soon became a staple in many of the top bowlers’ arsenals around the world. In an era where retro is more popular than ever, Columbia couldn’t pass up the opportunity of bringing back the best benchmark ball of all time.

Resurgence Core – The Resurgence core offers the lowest radius of gyration in the entire C300 product line. This, combined with the medium flare potential, creates a super strong read of the midlane with ultimate predictability through the backend of the lane.

Reflex Hybrid – Columbia’s original Reflex cover created a large amount of friction and was designed to use its energy throughout the entire lane. The pearl version created a stronger change of direction at the backend, resulting in shocking pin action. The Reflex Hybrid cover offers the best of both worlds with strong midlane traction and downlane continuation.

6 reviews for Columbia 300 Resurgence Bowling Ball

  1. Zack

    The Columbia 300 Resurgence is back. This ball is a great benchmark ball, super clean through the whole part of the lanes. Strong continuation through the pins, reads off the spot very well. My PAPis 4 1/8 Right with 1 1/2 Up and have the ball drilled pin up. I would recommend to have this benchmark ball in your arsenal.

  2. Michael

    This ball has quickly become a favorite. I’ve had it for a few weeks, and have thrown it at some point in every tournament I’ve bowled since adding it to my bag. It’s an extremely versatile ball, and has an incredibly smooth and predictable motion in every part of the lane. Was able to pick up a tournament win with it the second time throwing it!

    This ball emulates everything I look for with the equipment I keep in my arsenal for a long time. It reads the middle of the lane, and just has a strong continuous motion down lane and through the pins.

    This ball is a must have if you bowl on any kind of challenging patterns, while also being able to blend out some of the wet/dry conditions you’ll typically see on a league house shot. Definitely a great benchmark ball that you’ll be able to get a ton of use out of.

  3. Leon Platt

    The low RG (2.46”) core design gets the ball to rev up quickly and paired with a strong cover it can really handle heavier oil volumes giving a strong read in the midlane. The coverstock (Reflex Hybrid) was previously used on the Swerve GT and OOB is 500/2000 grit. This ball is a great step down from the Chaos line.

  4. Jennifer King

    Do you struggle on fresh/heavier oil? Perhaps you’re speed dominant like me and cringe when you see the amount of oil for the pattern you’re bowling on for that day. If that’s the case, then the Resurgence could be for you!

    Instead of struggling on the fresh and waiting for the lanes to break down, I can pick up the Resurgence to give me a strong mid-lane reaction while still maintaining enough energy to crush the pins.

    Heavy Oil ✔
    Smooth/Predictable Back-end ✔
    Hits Like a Truck ✔
    Vintage ✔

  5. Andrew Burns

    This ball is a monster,it is stronger than my black chaos on the house shot.Reminds me of the jackyl ghost,very similair,really works the midlane well,definitely a move left ball.

  6. Manny Castillo

    The Resurgence is back 2019 version lower RG and HyperShock technology!!

    I recently got this ball and now I’m upset I didn’t get this one sooner because it’s definitely going to be my benchmark ball (first ball out of the bag). The lower RG gets this ball rolling sooner and still has a ton of hitting power through the pins. As for down lane motion still makes a move towards the pocket very controllable and continuous, which really suites my eye for a benchmark ball.

    I’ll be using this ball for sport/challenge patterns tournament play and also blending out the wet/dry conditions we encounter on a house shot.

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