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DV8 Collision Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Length with Strong Backend


2.462 (15lb)

0.052 (15lb)





500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



High Performance

DV8 Collision Bowling Ball

(6 customer reviews)


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DV8 Collision Bowling Ball Features:

The DV8 brand saw a nice uptick due to some great performing products like the Hell Raiser series and Damn Good Verge last year. They are ready to kick off 2022 the same way with a new Pro-Performance series called Collision! First and foremost, the Collision is gorgeous and stands out with black, silver, and bright pink. It also performs; this polished hybrid with a new core and cover combo does not lack the backend motion bowlers love to see. Make sure you test and see this one go down the lane; you will be impressed.

6 reviews for DV8 Collision Bowling Ball

  1. Scott Crawford

    This ball is much stronger than I had anticipated. Being a hybrid, you get the best of both worlds. Really good traction in the midlane like a solid, and still retains enough energy downlane like a pearl. A great ball to start with to read the lanes. For me with above average rev rate but not crazy high speed, this coverstock really needs to see some oil or else it’s been too strong, but man when there is a little oil this ball is great. Mine is drilled 65 x 3.5 x 25. Hits hard and the continuation through the pins is among the best I’ve seen, it just keeps going.

  2. Brandon Michael Traynum

    This will probably be the most underrated ball out on the market this year. From what I’ve seen out of this ball it is a versatile, strong, and continuous asymmetric ball that can flat out score. I’ve used it on various patterns from house to sport (after knocking the shine off a little bit)and I absolutely love the shape it provides. Great continuation through the deck and great read-able motion on the lane! If you’re searching for a good all-around ball look no further!

  3. David Varner

    The DV8 collision has been my go to ball since it’s release. The collision is more forgiving than man asymmetrical hybrids I’ve had in the past but it don’t lack the performance. Clean through the front part of the lane and a drastic change in direction once it hits the friction allows this ball to be thrown on a lot of different conditions. This is a great ball for when you need a little more pop down lane than the damn good verge or if the heads are getting burnt up and you need something to push.

  4. Rusty Hahn

    This ball really surprised me, I was expecting a much smoother/rollier reaction. This ball retains energy and makes a very aggressive move down lane. This is a great ball to switch to when you need to move left and open up you angles while still getting the corners out.

  5. Tommy Parker

    Such a great ball! Very under rated! I have not met a person that didn’t love the DV8 Collision. For me this is my normal benchmark ball to read the lanes during practice. More times than not I stick with the ball for the first few games if not the entire set. I can play down and in with this bad boy or i can slow it down a little bit and play the entire lane. I truly love this ball and recommend it to every level of bowler. This is a must have in your bag!

  6. Jim

    This ball is very underrated! I had a need for a stronger ball than my Midnight Blue Melee Jab so I drilled a Collision with the same layout. It is exactly what I’m looking for when I need to move deeper, get more length and more shape through the pins when the Melee is too smooth. You will be very surprised how good this ball is, and it doesn’t overreact in the friction. It is 3-4 boards stronger than my blue Melee with the same drilling.

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