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DV8 Damn Good Verge Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Controlled Motion with Continuous Backend


2.467 (15lb)

.037 (15lb)


Threshold MD (Medium Differential)

Inciter Max Traction

500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad

Grape Sparkle


Mid Performance

DV8 Damn Good Verge Bowling Ball

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DV8 Damn Good Verge Bowling Ball Features:

The DV8 Damn Good Verge features the new Inciter Max Traction coverstock wrapped around a new version of the Threshold core as an evolution from the original Verge. The new symmetrical Threshold M.D. (Medium Differential) core design features a lower differential (0.037″) than the original (0.049″), with an almost identical RG (2.467″). This core design revs up quickly, while the solid coverstock creates plenty of midlane traction.

The Verge line has been so good for DV8. The Verge Solid and Verge Pearl are balls that everyone loved, from competitive bowlers the average league player. DV8 wanted to expand the Verge line by adding a lower differential core to bring you more reaction options, and what they found in their testing was more than they had even hoped. The ball was incredible from everywhere on the lane, and for all styles, they even changed the name during the testing process to the only name that fit the ball; they now call it the Damn Good Verge. Low RG, medium to low differential, a strong solid cover, and a 1500 grit finish is the recipe for this Damn Good ball.

19 reviews for DV8 Damn Good Verge Bowling Ball

  1. Anthony Baker

    It is all in the name! The Damn Good Verge is really worth all the hype! I was a huge fan of the Verge Solid, the Damn Good read earlier and is about 5 boards stronger for me compared to the Verge Solid.


    This has to be the BEST tour version of the Verge series to make it to the DV8 brand. IMO, DV8 has needed a ball like this for a very long time, and now we have it! This ball is not only a house shot killer, but it is definitely a tournament condition tamer. It is a requirement for me to have this ball in my bag for tournaments. I favor this ball greatly and will definitely be using this ball A LOT!

  3. chris walden

    First off, seeing this baby thrown on tv back to back weeks was enough for me to get excited. I drilled it 50 x 4 1/2 x 35, benchmark style of layout. It needs oil for me, or longer patterns. On the two house patterns I bowl on during the week, this damn good verge rolls extremely strong overall, and its hard to keep it right of the head pin. I cannot wait to throw this thing on some longer patterns during the upcoming tournaments ill have! Stay Tuned!

  4. Ian L

    By far my favorite Dv8 ball of all time. It’s the perfect fist ball out your bag benchmark ball. Very smooth and predictable reaction. My favorite thing about this ball is its versatility. I can close up my angles to play up the boards or i can move inside and hook it. The lower differential allows me to play closer to the friction without the overreaction alot of other balls have. Highly recommend

  5. Bob Newman

    Well, I can’t disagree. It’s pretty Damn Good. It has a strong overall motion. I compared it side by side with the Brunswick Knockout which is my favorite big symmetric. For me, the Damn Good Verge picks up a hair later than the KO but it is a little more angular down lane as well. They are pretty close for me. I would feel comfortable throwing either one. It picks up nicely in the mid lane and goes into a string angular roll threw the pin deck. For me it will work best on heavier or fresh oil conditions or when you need to get left and still have the ball get around the corner. Should be a nice fit in most arsenals.

  6. Bob moran

    With the success of the original Verge and Verge Pearl the Damn Good Verge takes it to another level. It absolutely lives up to the name and just flat out looks good from anywhere on the lane. The lower diff core provides even more reaction options in the Verge line.

  7. Dustin Bearden

    DV8 has created it’s most versatile ball of the modern era with the DAMN GOOD VERGE. The ball starts with an awesome purple color, and it also has DOT and Dynamacore technology. The ball reads the end of a pattern very well, but still manages to maintain a smooth and controlled motion to the pocket. This motion is so predictable that it makes this ball incredibly good on multiple lane patterns, house and sport alike. The ball will take surface adjustments extremely well, which does nothing but broaden its ability to be used on multiple patterns. There is a place for this ball in every bowlers bag. Pick one up today!

  8. Sal B

    This is definitely a fist ball out your bag ball. Very predictable reaction. Very versatility. Highly recommend for league or tournament bowlers.

  9. Mark French

    The low RG/diff combo of the DGV made me consider experimenting with a short pin layout…maybe a “get out of jail free” type ball. Layout is 90x2x45. As a lefty with 500+ rev rate, I am curious to see what options out there will be good for those trickier patterns where you can’t afford to give away the pocket, but don’t feel that urethane is the right move.

    So far, this matchup seems like a match made in heaven. It doesn’t quite pick up early like urethane, but it surely is as about as smooth as smooth can be (yet retains enough to get the 7 out more often than not). I feel like the characteristics of the ball are going to be key in tackling those extreme wet/dry patterns, as well as those short, flat patterns and maybe even lighter volume as well. The cover seems to hold the factory finish well, which is huge in longer formats.

    All in all I am extremely pleased with the ball and will be looking to have another DGV in the lineup sooner than later!

    After a few games, it looks like it will be just that.

  10. Derek Kozlak

    Speed: 17.9
    RPM: 480
    PAP: 5 7/8 RT x 2 1/4 DN
    No-thumb, one league per week, tournaments when I can. Tremendous slouch.

    Versatile. Contender for Ball Of The Year!

    The Verge line has been so good for DV8. The Verge Solid and Verge Pearl are balls that everyone loved, from serious and competitive bowlers to your average league player. DV8 wanted to expand the Verge line by adding a lower differential core, Threshold M.D. (Medium Differential), to bring you more reaction options, and what we found in our testing was more than we had even hoped. The ball was incredible from everywhere on the lane, and for all styles, we even changed the name during the testing process to the only name that fit the ball; we now call it the Damn Good Verge. Low RG, medium to low differential, a strong solid cover (Inciter Max Traction), and a 1500 grit finish is the recipe for this Damn Good ball. The addition of DynamiCore for extra hitting power and Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) for worry free drilling with your favorite layout, are always added benefits to help us get higher scores.

    The Damn Good Verge has an out of box surface of 500/1500 and paired up with the core/cover combination makes this ball one of the most versatile balls I’ve rolled in a long time. With my layout of 80×3.5×45 I can start a little deeper, slow roll it to the right and watch it dig in and make that sweeping, big curve into the pocket and crush the rack …or I can move my feet and targets to the right, stay behind the ball at release and play a tighter line to strike.

    I’m not usually a fan of single color bowling balls because I generally like to see the rotation of it as it’s rolling down the lane but I really dig the Grape Sparkle with the bright Yellow lettering. It’s so simple but it really stands out among other balls.

    Premium performance (and so damn versatile) at the upper-mid price makes the Damn Good Verge an automatic choice for both league and tournament play. I highly recommend this ball to any bowler no matter of their style.

    Be well, rip racks …and shred pins.

  11. Christopher Doerr

    70 x 2 1/4 x 30 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    This ball was surprisingly strong considering the lowered core numbers from the previous Verge solid and Verge pearl. I am really pleased with this short pin layout on this ball to make a smoother rolling ball even more smooth. Most short pin layouts are 90 x 1”-2 ¼” x 45, but I have found more success with these different angles for myself. Another great feature about this ball is it is purple and has sparkles. Purple balls strike more.

  12. Jay H.

    Damn Good Verge ball review… the question becomes how good is Damn Good? My answer… it is Sooooooo Damn goooooood! How much controllable fun can one ball provide… freaking tons. Drilled pin down for benchmark strength yet I can still explore all zones on the lane with surprising results. You owe it to yourself to add this to your bag. Life is so Damn Good Under the Crown!!!

  13. Jay H.

    Wow, yep that just about sums it up! You think it looked good on the telecast just wait till you see how much fun you can have with this one. Use it literally in all zones of the lane and just smile. Truly the best DV8 ball I’ve thrown in many years!

  14. Joe Goldstein, Sr.

    This is the very first DV8 ball I have ever thrown. I was pleasantly surprised that the hype was real. This ball is straight money!! I have used it on a variety of patterns from THS to Chameleon to Dragon. This is a great benchmark ball that will give great results from anywhere on the lane. I found it most impressive when I kept it straighter to the pocket.

  15. Cody G

    The Damn Good Verge is easily one of my favorite balls that’s been released this year. It is by far my favorite DV8 ball I have ever owned. It has unbelievable performance for the price range. It’s a controllable motion with plenty of dowmlane motion. It’s simply Damn Good. It is appropriately named. I have it at least 3 and 1 stronger than the original. I used this ball all but 1 game at the USBC Open Championships. I’ve used it on several different patterns and used several different surfaces and had success with it all. This is an unbelievably versatile ball. Ball of the year candidate for sure.

  16. Daniel

    The DGV is as advertised. It made a splash on T.V. when it first came out and I love the strong reaction. Controls the midlane very well but still makes a very strong move on the back end. It is stronger than the .037 differential would lead you to believe. The coverstock is called “Gold Sparkle”; the sparkles give it an eye catching appearance.

  17. Kevin Nagasawa

    Its All In The Name Of The Ball… This Ball Is Pretty Good.. Usually It Will Be The First One Out Of My Bag On A Medium TO Heavier Volume Oil Pattern… Been Using It Alot On Main Street (House Pattern) Standing Left And Playing A Tight Inside Line To The Pocket… This Ball Is Very Versatile I Can Play Straight Up The Boards Or Swing A Few Boards.. This Ball Is Definitely A Great House Shot And Tournament Ball… Definitely Get Alot Of Length Down Lane And Saves The Drive For The Backside Through The Pins! I Can Really Move Inside WIth This Ball And Still Drives Through The Pins.. Great Ball For Any Type Of Bowler And Rev Rate This Is The Next Ball You Need To Order With Your Local Pro Shop You Wont Be Disappointed !

  18. Corey Umbrello

    The Damn Good Verge is a strong symmetrical ball that loves oil. This ball is at its best during the fresher games of any given pattern. This is a must have in tournament bags and league bags (for those higher volume house patterns).

  19. Phil Hughes

    I had to drill up this ball because of all the great comments I was hearing about it. I drilled mine 70 x 4 ¼ x 40. With my ball speed at 15 mph for a smooth reaction. This ball did not disappoint! It is smooth, picks up the mids great then rolls threw the pins like a Peterbilt. I have this ball 3 and 2 stronger than my Hammer Web tour Hybrid (which is my all time favorite ball), but has the same smooth motion. I can not wait to drill up the new pearl when it hits the market. This ball I believe was overlooked by many, but the serious bowlers all seem to have one.

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