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DV8 Frequency Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane Read with Very Strong Backend Motion


2.476 (15lb)

.047 (15lb)

.018 (15lb)




500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad



High Performance

DV8 Frequency Bowling Ball

(4 customer reviews)


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DV8 Frequency Bowling Ball Features:

The Frequency brings a new coverstock and new core shape to the DV8 high performance line. The new Adversary weight block is a low RG and medium differential asymmetrical design. The Frequency is wrapped in the new Flexure coverstock. This 500/2000 SiaAir sanded hybrid will allow bowlers to open up their angles and see a big downlane recovery. The Frequency provides plenty of hook through the oil, while still offering a strong move at the back end.

  • New Adversary core shape featuring DOT and DynamiCore for optimized durability and power
  • New Flexure cover creates the perfect balance of traction, length, and backend
  • 500, 2000 Siaair surface for versatility on medium conditions
  • A versatile asymmetric ball that most styles will love!
  • Comes with a FREE DV8 Lime Luster spare ball!!!
    • Every Frequency will ship in a two-ball box with a Lime Luster
    • This is an ongoing special as long as the Frequency is in the line

4 reviews for DV8 Frequency Bowling Ball

  1. Dustin Bearden

    will start this review by saying that I polished the surface of my DV8 Frequency, and when I did, WOW! This ball gets down the lane and covers some serious back end on the way to crushing the pins. If you are wanting great, strong, down lane reaction, this ball is for you. This ball contains Dynamacore that increases carry, and It also has the DOT technology that offers the 4 year warranty. You will see the difference in owning a Dynamacore ball because it simply carries the pins better. I LOVE THIS BALL. I would recommend this ball to any bowler. The DV8 Frequency is a must have reaction.

  2. Brandon

    Layout: 60 x 2.5 x 40

    Intentions: I’m a higher rev 2 hander that was looking to take advantage of a slightly cleaner cover to put at the top of my bag instead of your typical big sanded asym. The utilization of a 2.5″ pin to pap was intended to limit the flare and give me more control on fresh.

    Results: I’m continually blown away by this ball. The Flexure cover has enough teeth for fresh while still being clean enough to bring it in to play on higher friction lanes and has been a pivitol piece in my bag for controling the over / under I see from most fresh house shots. What this translates to shape wise for me is a ball that gets a little more forward off the spot instead of a ball that goes sideways. This type of motion is very predictable and easy to read which means it provides very clear signs of when a change is needed. That change can be either a zone change or a ball change. If I need something to stay a bit forward off the spot but cleaner up front then I’m going to move to my Radical Conspiracy theory that has the same layout as my Frequency. If the forward motion is starting to get a bit flat then I’m moving to something rounder off the spot like an Intel, Hero, or Melee Jab SE. On a bit of a final note, this was the first ball with Dynamicore that I drilled and oh my is it LOUD when it hits the pins. There’s a noticable difference in sound when the Frequency (and every ball I’ve drilled with Dynamicore since) hits the pins compared to any other ball I’ve thrown.

    – Brandon, Brunswick Regional Staff

  3. Derek Kozlak

    DV8 Frequency

    The Frequency has a new asymmetric core shape, Adversary, and a new cover, Flexure (hybrid), to create the perfect balance of traction, length and hook. Out of box surface is 500/2000 Siaair to provide versatility on medium lane conditions. As is standard on all higher performance releases from DV8 this one comes with DynamiCore for better hitting power on those ‘off pocket’ hits and Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) to enhance the durability of your ball allowing DV8 to offer an industry best, four year limited warranty. The layout on mine is 35×4.25×30 looking for a strong backend motion. I have yet to roll this ball on a tournament pattern, and I’m hoping to in the future, but on my house pattern this ball is very strong in the mids and the back with almost too much (?) continuation resulting in a lot of 9-pin leaves. This ball is great when the lanes are playing a little tighter and I’m looking for a little more pop down lane.

    I can’t forget to mention that the Frequency also comes with the Lime Luster plastic spare ball as a 2-for-1 when purchased and I actually needed one as I haven’t rolled a plastic for spares in nearly 20 years.

    Derek K.
    DV8 Regional Staff

  4. Cody May

    I had my frequency drilled for maximum length and flip, It’s clean enough that it performs superbly on higher friction lanes and strong enough in the soup to dig in and hold, shot my current high score with this ball and I can’t say enough good things about it, it’s perfect for one house I bowl at and a little over-under at the other, This is likely more to do with me still learning to move left and control it’s pretty insane angularity. If you care about this sort of thing the spare ball that it comes with is absolutely stunning, far more than the picture would suggest, and as a bonus under blacklight it glows so brightly it almost looks like it’s being lit from the inside, really incredible looking.

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