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DV8 Glam Bowling Ball



Pearl Reactive


Mid Performance

Medium to Heavy Oil

Pink/Gold Sparkle


Composite Fang Pearl

.052 (15lb)

500 and 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound

2.516 (15lb)

Easy Length with Flip Backend Motion



DV8 Glam Bowling Ball

(3 customer reviews)


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DV8 Glam Bowling Ball Features:

The DV8 Glam is an updated Diva that uses the same Diva symmetrical core combined with the stronger Composite Fang Pearl coverstock. The factory finish on the Glam is also different, as it uses a 500/1000 SiaAir with Crown Factory Compound finishing process compared to the Diva’s 500 SiaAir, Rough Buff compound, and High Gloss polish box finish. The changes in finish and coverstock blend out the reaction at the end of the pattern, providing a smooth arcing motion downlane.

• The Diva core is back by popular demand, but now with the added DynamiCore for more hitting power!
• DV8 has poured one of their high-performance pearl coverstocks around the popular Diva core for great performance and unbelievable value, Composite Fang Pearl.
• The gold and pink pearl, shiny finish delivers an outrageously bright and bold look.
• The Glam is a great go-to ball when the lanes break down and you need easy length and great recovery.

3 reviews for DV8 Glam Bowling Ball

  1. Dwayne A. Jenkins

    This ball is HOT… this ball is GLAMOROUS… this is a ball that you don’t want to judge by its colors. It is the perfect ball for medium to dry lane conditions when your other arsenals move too quickly in transition. The return of the Diva core makes this ball worth the purchase through its performance with the Dynamicore tech that gives that extra benefit of pin action in league and tournament play. Glam has great performance and very clean to the pocket, with some great angularity in the back. I personally am very impressed with the hitting power this ball offers.


  2. Thomas Mongeon

    DV8 Glam
    Axis Tilt: 7°
    Axis Rotation: 40°
    PAP: 4 13/16 x ⅛ ^
    Speed and rev rate matched
    Layout: 35x5x35

    Different name, same Diva attitude! The DV8 Glam brings back a favorite core of mine and wrapped it with DynamiCore and a Pink and Gold Composite Fang Pearl cover. The Glam will be a staple in my league bag for sure. The Glam will be right at home on medium to lighter conditions. It’s been a while since I threw the Divas, but with the updated cover, I see this as a stronger Diva Pearl,fitting right in between the original Diva and the Diva Pearl. The Pink/Gold cover is easy to read and make adjustments off of, and the DymiCore adds extra pin carry. The Glam will SHINE on most THS conditions and will be a ball I will go to when the Warrant is starting to be too strong downlane and I need a little rounder shape. Don’t let the colors fool you, this one packs a punch and should be a knockout on the lanes.

  3. Jay Langler

    If you missed the Diva line you are in luck! The Glam reminds me a lot of the Diva Pearl with some extra bite of hook and hitting with the Dynamicore. It is eye catching going down the lane and had other asking what I was throwing. This ball got down the lane very easy and had a nice transition. Not jumpy but strong. This ball will be in my league bag and is a lot of ball for the price. I bowl on a medium volume HS and this ball was plenty. Some might have issues throwing a pink ball, if that is the case then your missing out! Everyone should have a ball with this motion in there bag!

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