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DV8 Instigator Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane Read with Strong Backend Motion


2.481 (15lb)

.051 (15lb)

.016 (15lb)



Inciter Solid

500 and 3000 Siaair Micro Pad



High Performance

DV8 Instigator Bowling Ball

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DV8 Instigator Bowling Ball Features:

The Instigator introduces a new coverstock and a new core design to the DV8 family. Its Assailant core is an asymmetrical shape with a low RG (2.481″) and high total differential (0.051″). Despite being a strong reactive solid, the Instigator’s Inciter Solid cover seems to retain energy pretty well and provide for a large back end hook. It is factory finished with 500 and 3000 SiaAir pads, which also gives it plenty of traction in heavy oil.

New Assailant core shape featuring DOT and DynamiCore for optimized durability and power. Inciter Solid cover creating more traction and overall hook in oil. 500, 3000 Siaair for hook and recovery. A high-end ball that will instigate loads of wins!

We are ecstatic to incorporate Durability Optimization Technology, DOT, into the Instigator. This ball has been produced with DynamiCore and has the DOT engraving which creates the unrestricted drill area and is covered by the industry leading 4-year limited warranty.

To reduce oil absorption and remove dirt from the surface of the ball, clean your ball with Ultimate Black Magic Rejuvenator immediately after each session

3 reviews for DV8 Instigator Bowling Ball

  1. Dustin Bearden

    If you need to tackle heavy oil, the DV8 Instigator is the PERFECT ball to do this. It starts off by featuring DOT and Dynamacore technology, and it has that industry best 4 year warranty. The colors on this ball are fantastic as well, and this gives the ball great shelf appeal, and it also makes it look great going down the lane. The best part about the DV8 Instigator is that the performance matches the good looks. It gives a good strong read in the mid lane, yet, it still manages to save enough energy to demolish the pins. With the added Dynamacore technology, a bowler using this ball will simply carry more strikes. The Dynamacore hit will make a bowler think that the pocket has gotten bigger. More light and heavy strikes will carry, and your scores will go up. So, if you are looking for a great looking, good carrying, heavy hooking ball, the DV8 Instigator is exactly what you are looking for.

  2. Chris McCullough

    The DV8 Instigator is an absolute beast and is the top of the line from DV8. Drilled this ball with a 3-inch pin and pin up for length and flexibility. First game out of the box I shot 300 in league and haven’t looked back. The Instigator rolls clean through the front and gives you clean and controllable backend while also holding the angle and hitting with plenty of power. It retains shape downlane without overhooking and can be used to fit any style or angle of play. Performs best on fresh/wet conditions but also offers a great play on dry/short conditions and works great through breakdowns and changing conditions. Control, power and versatility all in one without sacrificing power or speed. The Dynamicore offers the best hitting power with DOT Technology and an unmatched 4-warranty. I highly recommend this ball for any bowler and any style and can promise great results! Do yourself a favor and bulk up your arsenal with the DV8 Instigator!

  3. Derek Kozlak

    DV8 Instigator

    Shelf appeal plus looking great rolling down the lanes, the Instigator’s Orange, Teal and Black colored Inciter Solid cover creates more traction and overall hook on heavier oil patterns. Utilizing the Assailant core, DynamiCore and DOT for excellent hitting power, and giving you a four year warranty bringing freedom to drill just about anywhere (as long as USBC guidelines are followed). I chose a layout of 5x4x3 to get the ball a little longer and smoother. This ball wants oil so for league on a typical house pattern I need to add some polish to get the ball cleaner in the front and mids. This ball has been one of my favorites to roll this year.

    Derek K.
    DV8 Regional Staff

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