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DV8 Warrant Bowling Ball


Hybrid Reactive


Medium Oil

Strong Midlane and Continuation on Medium Oil


2.505 (15lb)

.054 (15lb)



N-Forcer SF Hybrid

500 and 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



Mid Performance

DV8 Warrant Bowling Ball

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DV8 Warrant Bowling Ball Features:

The Warrant introduces a new core shape to the DV8 lineup. Its Captive core is an asymmetrical design with a medium RG of 2.505″, a differential of 0.054″, and an intermediate differential of 0.012″. This ball uses a hybrid version of the N-Forcer SF coverstock that was used previously in pearlized form on the Night Prowler, which helps the Warrant provide more midlane traction. The coverstock is finished with 500/1000 SiaAir and Crown Factory Compound.

• New Captive asymmetric core shape.
• 2.505 RG and a high 0.054 differential providing aggressive core numbers for strong ball motion.
• Strong skid-flip motion is provided by the proven N-Forcer SF Hybrid shell.
• The Warrant is an excellent go-to ball when you need a ball to get around to the corner and to help you get through transitions and lanes breaking down.


4 reviews for DV8 Warrant Bowling Ball

  1. Jay Langler

    This ball was a shocker for me! It is a lot stronger than I thought it would be. I went with my standard sym layout of 70x4x30. I left the ball at the box finish and wasn’t disappointed at all! What I really liked is the quick response down lane. I love syms that are quick and continuous. It has a Dynamicore and you can really see the difference when this ball hits. This ball is a must for all bowlers! The hybrid cover looks great and easy to read down lane. Put your favorite layout on it and go and score!

  2. Bryan Williams, PBA Member and DV8 Pro Staff

    DV8 Warrant
    More than the Notorious… but Increased Hitting Power and Better Ball Shape!

    The DV8 Warrant has similar ball motion as the Notorious, but its hybrid coverstock provides more hitting power and a truer ball motion off the spot. The new Captive core with the Dynamicore. N-Forcer SF Hybrid coverstock makes this ball very versatile and gives any player from beginner to pro a unique look to improve their game. I have found that this ball can be used on multiple surfaces, and allows for the surface to be manipulated to complement demanding lane patterns. This is a great ball with a great price point for that league bowler seeking to increase their performance. If you are not throwing a DV8, you are just not bowling!!! We Are Brunswick!!!

  3. Derek Kozlak

    DV8 Warrant

    DV8 Warrant has the new Captive asymmetric core providing aggressive core numbers for strong ball motion and strong skid-flip motion is provided by the proven N-Forcer SF hybrid shell. As is standard on all higher performance releases from DV8 this one comes with DynamiCore for better hitting power on those ‘off pocket’ hits and Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) to enhance the durability of your ball allowing DV8 to offer an industry best, four year limited warranty. This is going to be my benchmark ball for the league I roll in, on pretty much your typical house shot (although it’s playing tough this year). I went with an all purpose layout of 45x3x35. The shape really fits my eye as I’m able to stay firm on speed and the ball makes a strong move down lane or I can get deeper inside with my feet and target, slow roll it for a big move in the back. I know the specs and cover are different but this is going to be a versatile ball just like my Brunswick Kingpin was for me.

    Derek K.
    DV8 Regional Staff

  4. Christopher D

    70 x 4 ¼ x 20 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    The Warrant is a great ball and with layout it was a little too clean going down lane for me. I made a surface adjustment with a 2,000 TruCut pad and it became a monster ball for me. Strong off the spot with a good setup in the midlane.

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