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Ebonite Aero Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Solid Midlane Read with Continuous Backend Motion


2.504 (15lb)

.050 (15lb)

.015 (15lb)




500, 1000 Siaair Micro Pad



High Performance

Ebonite Aero Bowling Ball

(17 customer reviews)


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Ebonite Aero Bowling Ball Features:

The Aero fills a gap for Ebonite by offering a more aggressive ball for more substantial volumes of oil compared to the rest of the line. The core, cover, and finish on the Aero is stronger than the Omni and will be an excellent first ball out of the bag to combat fresh conditions and oil.  The Aero, Omni, Allure, and Stingers make for one of the most complete arsenals in any line.

GSV-X Coverstock

Aero Core – The Aero core features the game changing, “Drill Anywhere” DOT technology along with the proven DynamiCore technology which gives more power at impact.

Ebonite recommends Powerhouse Clean N’ Dull to keep your Aero performing at its best.

17 reviews for Ebonite Aero Bowling Ball

  1. Mark Burke

    Drilled 35x5x55 trying to get a strong smooth early transition. Wanted to be able to throw this piece on heavy oil and fresh conditions. After a few games that is exactly what I got. This ball was surprisingly clearing the fronts even during transition to still have plenty of energy at the pins. My normal issue with big solid asymms is they are really strong and have nothing left when getting to the pins and I did not have that problem with this ball!
    This is a must have piece for all tournament bowlers or speed dominant bowlers for a house shot.

  2. David Varner

    Hook in a box! I drilled the aero to use on heavy/longer oil patterns and that’s exactly what I will use it for. Unlike a lot of solid balls this one doesn’t seem to slow does in the front part of the lane saving a lot of energy for the pins once it makes the turn. This is a great addition in the ebonite line up and will easily fill the need for a big aysm solid in anyone’s bag.

  3. Tim Martin

    Drilled my Aero with a 50,4”, 35 layout. Which gave me a really predictable but strong ball reaction. The ball definitely suited for heavy oil, may have to shine it, depending on conditions and your rev rate.

  4. C. Miller

    The AERO by Ebonite is the latest release in the Pro Performance line up and features DOT and DynamiCore technology.
    The Aero is a big, asymmetrical ball that likes oil. For me, this ball reads the mids and end of pattern as expected. The most noticeable feature is it’s continuation through and off the pin deck.
    This ball is in the bag and will see action on the fresh, higher volumes of oil, and/or longer patterns. It’s not a one dimensional ball!

  5. Ken Graver

    The Aero features DOT and Dynamicore technologies and is a great addition to the Ebonite line up! I drilled mine 80 x 2 1/4 x 40 because this core/cover combo is so strong I wanted something I could use on Fresh without having to start 5th arrow and this ball with that layout certainly delivers! It is strong yet smooth with this layout and delivers and strong continuation through the pins. Even with this “ tame” drilling the ball still hooks a lot so don’t be afraid to use a weaker drilling on this ball! I would recommend if you are looking for a strong ball to handle high oil volumes you will want his ball!

  6. Ryan Galli

    Good release from Ebonite. Really is the perfect ball for the top of the line. Strong and continuous. This ball is everything you can ask for from a high end ball. Ebonite hit the mark here

  7. Bob moran

    The aero is ebonites most aggressive ball and a great first option out of the bag for those heavier volumes. For as big as a ball as this is it still gets through the front part of the lane pretty impressively and continues all the way through the pins. Where some balls will typically flat 10 as they burn up I’ve found that I’m able to chase it left without sacrificing any carry

  8. Scottie Redmond

    Got this ball a few weeks ago and gave it some time before giving it a review. And the verdict is that this ball is stupid good. Fresh lane conditions don’t stand a chance against a ball this strong that is still clean through and through. As for my layout I went 60×4.25×50. There are few and far between balls that I order multiples of and this may be one of them. A must have in the bag!

  9. Joe Goldstein, Sr.

    The Aero Solid has the muscle to navigate the midlane and continue through the backend with a strong arcing motion. Perfect for medium and heavier volume patterns. Billy Hardwick 44′ pattern was very touchy and speed sensitive but the Aero Solid allowed me to stay firm and aggressive without extra effort. Definitely a winner in my book. It has a great coloration guaranteed to get attention while on the shelf in the pro shop and while crushing racks downlane. A must have for all.

  10. Bob Newman

    I used this ball back to back weekends on the Billy Hardwick 44′, 28.84 ml oil pattern. It was a very good compliment to the Hammer Redemption Solid. For me it was a couple of boards weaker with my feet but has a very similar mid-lane pick up and strong continuation through the pins. Looking left and right up and down the house I saw a lot of these in use. Really good ball for long or high volume patterns. Pretty cool color combination as well.


    I needed a heavy oil, aggressive, asymmetric that would give me shape no matter how heavy the pattern, and the Ebonite Aero does just that! I am a left handed bowler, 340 rpm, 16.5 mph, 18 AT, 55 AR, and I drilled my Aero 70 x 4″ x 55 to roll earlier and heavy through the mid-lane, while having an elongated transition from skid to hook to roll. This combo helps keep the Aero in my hand longer as the lanes transition. The Aero performs exceptionally well on heavier patterns like Earl Anthony 43′ and Don Carter 39′, as well as one of the heavier volume house shots I bowl on. I can open up my angles and watch it move across the pattern, or leave it in the puddle and churn through the oil, with plenty of hit at the pins. The Aero core features the game changing, “Drill Anywhere” DOT technology along with the proven DynamiCore technology which gives more power at impact. You can order this heavy oil monster now from Moore’s Pro Shop and pro shops everywhere. Thank you.

    – James G.

  12. Joseph Petrovich

    Aero: With the New GSV Cover stock, Th Ebonite Aero will not disappoint. Used this in a recent PBA Regional on a demanding condition. The Aero was able for me to keep the ball in front of me on the tricky slick oil pattern. This ball is very predictable and is better playing a more direct line on the heavier oil patterns. Another Great Benchmark Ball for Oilier Bowling Patterns. ?

  13. Scott

    First off the Ebonite Aero’s color schematic of red and blues gives it wonderful shelf appeal. Ball really looks good going down the lane. I drilled mine up the same way I did my Brunswick Prism Solid and the Omni Solid. Wanted to get a true idea of its aggressiveness. Some did not like the Prism Solid but it rolled pretty good for me. The pin is about 11am above my ring finger. (I’m left-handed) The ball comes with a dull box surface. It rolls extremely smooth with a nice angular back end. The Aero is about 3-4 boards more aggressive than my Omni but about 2 boards less than the Prism Solid. Fits nicely into my bag as the Prism Solid is a bit too aggressive on most patterns. IF you are looking for a controllable ball for higher volumes of oil, the Ebonite Aero is your choice. Scott G….Ebonite Staff Member

  14. Kevin Nagasawa

    As An Ebonite Bowling Ball Fan I Definitely Found This Ball To Be Absolutely Remarkable…I Dont Think I Have Seen Any Ebonite Ball Stronger Then This One.. This Will Definitely Be A Great Choice For A Tournament Ball For When You Have To Bowl On Heavier Volume And Longer Oil Patterns.. Knowing From Knowledge From Other Bowlers This Ball Really Hooks.. So I Ended Up Drilling The Ball A Little Tame So I Am Able To Bowl On Medium Patterns As Well With Straighter Tighter Angles To The Pocket Due To Make Lack Of Ball Speed.. It Was Definitely A Great Choice Now I Will Be Able Use This Ball And Is Very Versatile With A Smooth Down lane Motion And Strong Backend Drive Through The Pins! The Backend Drive Of This Ball Really Hits The Pins Hard And Throws The Pins Around.. If Your A Big Ebonite Fan And Want A Really Strong Ball And Great Tournament Ball Visit Your Local Pro Shop And Order The Aero! This Ball Needs To Be In Your Bag!

  15. Gabriel Yanes

    Hook in a box! I drilled my aero 50x4x30 to use on sport oil patterns and that’s exactly what I will use it for. Unlike a lot of solid balls this one doesn’t seem to slow does in the front part of the lane saving a lot of energy for the pins once it makes the turn. This is a great addition in the ebonite line up and will easily fill the need for a big aysm solid in anyone’s bag. Ball is predictable with strong ball reaction. The ball definitely suited for heavy oil, may have to shine it, depending on conditions and your rev rate.

  16. Christopher D

    90 x 2 ¼ x 45 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    I went with a short pin layout because I wanted a strong asymmetrical ball with a short pin layout. This ball is smooth, long and controllable at the break point with this layout. It can handle the higher volumes of oil on a tighter line. In those houses with more friction, it blends out the pattern great and you can open up the lanes without it overreacting.

  17. Manny Castillo

    The Aero is a great ball to start with! I would recommend using it on heavier oil conditions. This ball will read the fronts and mid lane if you see other equipment not picking up. All the while still have energy down lane to destroy the pocket. Since it picks up early the down lane motion is very controllable and a nice continuous movement. This ball also takes surface adjustments well. Last but not least…the colors make the ball nice to watch roll down the lane.

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