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Ebonite Envision Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane and Backend Motion


2.501 (15lb)

0.053 (15lb)

0.010 (15lb)



GSV-X Solid

500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad

Navy / Red / Black


High Performance

Ebonite Envision Bowling Ball

(6 customer reviews)


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Ebonite Envision Bowling Ball Features:

You won’t just have to envision throwing a lot of strikes and beating everyone because Ebonite is making it a reality with the new Ebonite Envision. They started with a new asymmetric core shape with versatile yet strong numbers and added GSV-X Solid from the Aero line to create incredible ball motion. The lower intermediate core and smoother 2000 Siaair finish make the Envision a ball that is usable on medium to oily conditions and longer into a set because of its versatility and continuation. Bowlers who love the Game Breaker balls will find similarities in the Envision but will use it when needing a stronger overall motion.

6 reviews for Ebonite Envision Bowling Ball

  1. Tom Marlow

    When I first threw this ball I thought it was a strong Version of a GameBreaker. I drilled mine 50×4.25×30.
    What I saw out of this ball was a very predictable motion down the lane that didn’t have that huge hockey stick affect on the backend. I feel like this is the ball I could start the games with. I was able to keep moving left without having to change balls because of loosing reaction. It reminds me of a GameBreaker solid but just a little bit stronger. I see this ball in both tournament and my league bag.

  2. Ryan Galli

    Personally I have been waiting for something to fill the void left by the Omni for months and this ball does it!!! Where the Polaris is too slow and has a tendency to burn up down lane the Envision keep going. This ball is a great step up from the GB4. It is extremely versatile to playing different parts of the lane. Like stated above, I had been waiting months for something like this in the Ebonite line and I am more than please with what I have seen so far. I cannot wait for hopefully a pearl and hybrid version of the Envision

  3. Brenden Sramek

    The new envision from ebonite I am extremely excited for. This ball is a step above our gamebreaker lineup but gives that similar motion of being more controllable and very rounded out downlane. This ball for me creates a HUGE footprint on the lane and will be one of my most versatile pieces in the bag to date as I can continue to chase the pattern left, create more rotation and not see the ball bog down and quit. Very excited for this ball for the upcoming pba regionals!

  4. C Miller

    The Envision is Ebonite’s latest release in it’s high performance line up. I drilled mine with the pin down. I came away with a ball that easily gets down lane with a nice round shape down lane and good continuation exiting the deck. A motion I like. On a very fresh house shot, I adjusted the surface to 1500 Siaair pad and it gave me a little more pop down lane. So, it looks like the Envision takes to surface adjustment well.
    The Envision does fit in between the GB4 and the Polaris as you progress through your bag. It will not be your strongest ball or weakest. It’s more your asym. bench mark ball.

  5. Bob Newman

    The Envision is a nice blend of smooth and power. The ball has a nice rounded motion but still has good drive on the pin deck. I see using this ball on both league and tournament conditions. It fits my eye as a benchmark ball. I drilled mine at 65 x 4 x 30. While covering about the same number of boards as my GB4 Solid, it has a little more kick through the pins. It’s in the arsenal. 🙂

  6. Robbie Patterson

    I drilled my Ebonite Envision just like my drilled my Ebonite Polaris. The Envision ended up being a much better option as the first ball out of my bag for league play, and when it came to tournament or Sports shots, it became my next step down from the Polaris. The Polaris would read earlier and not pop as hard on the backend. So when that went away the Envision provided a little more length and more backend reaction as the lanes would transition.

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