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Ebonite Game Breaker 4 Pearl Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium Oil

Length with Strong Backend


2.480 (15lb)

0.048 (15lb)


Enhanced V2

GB 12.0 Pearl

500, 1000, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad / Crown Factory Compound

Ruby / Smoke


Mid Performance

Ebonite Game Breaker 4 Pearl Bowling Ball

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Ebonite Game Breaker 4 Pearl Bowling Ball Features:

It is hard to beat a Game Breaker, this series always performs, and bowlers know they can rely on it. The GB4 was a fantastic release last year for Ebonite, and they are following it up with a pearl version. Compared to the GB4 Solid, you can expect a much cleaner ball motion with excellent continuation. This ball will not be the longest and strongest pearl ball in your bag. However, it will be the most versatile and useful on a wide variety of conditions.

11 reviews for Ebonite Game Breaker 4 Pearl Bowling Ball

  1. Scott Gilmore

    For you GB4 solid fans, you finally have the perfect compliment, the GB4 Pearl. Before we get to the performance, the colors of this ball just pop! The red, gray and black look fantastic! The performance? Just what you would expect. I’m not a big fan of pearls but this ball rolls amazing. Reads the mids just as you would want, with a stronger down lane motion than the solid. I drilled mine up exactly the way my solid is. I can stand a little further right (I’m left-handed) and still get it to recover. I was a huge fan of the Brunswick Hero Pearl, and the GB4 Pearl has replaced it in my tournament bag! You will see this alot on TV from the Pro Staff.

  2. Tom Marlow

    Wow GB4 Pearl. If you’re a fan of the GameBreaker series you will definitely want to have this one in your bag. When you add the solid you have an amazing
    1-2 combo.

    What you get with the Pearl version is a very clean ball through the front of the lane with continuous motion on the back end. The Pearl response well to surface change meaning you can used this on multiple oil patterns.

    This Ball will be in both my league bag and tournament bag. The GB4 Pearl will easily be one of my favorite releases this year.

  3. Robert (Bob) Newman

    Ebonite has hit a homerun with the addition of the Game Breaker 4 Pearl. It compliments the GB4 ( and GB3 for that matter) very well. It is clean through the front and gets well down lane before the V2 enhanced core kicks in and drives the ball through the pin deck. It is quickly becoming one of my favorites. 2.48 and 0.048 have always been great core numbers for me and match up well to my speed (16.5 mph-ish) and revs (420-ish). I threw it against another of my favorites, the Brunswick Melee Jab Blood Red. They had a similar shape, but the GB4 Pearl was about 3 boards with my feet stronger and slightly stronger through the pins. This one goes straight into the tournament arsenal.

  4. Rodney Torres

    We all know Game Breaker bowling balls are good but the GB4 Pearl is on a whole another world! This ball works well on fresh went playing straighter but then when the lanes get dry and force you to the inside this ball will work from inside there as well! what an outstanding piece! Get your today!

  5. Joe Goldstein, Sr.

    Another fantastic release in the Game Breaker line. The GB4 Pearl is a perfect compliment to the GB4 that make a deadly duo on any medium to heavy oil condition. This piece will not come up short!! Get yours today!!

  6. C.Miller

    Ebonite has done it again. They added to the historic Game Breaker line up with the GB4 Pearl!

    The Pearl version will complement the GB4 solid, perfectly. The pearl version floats down the lane longer and with it’s enhanced V2 core, retains energy for a strong backend motion.

    A versatile ball that will see a lot of action!

  7. Bob Moran

    With the success of the GB4 I couldn’t wait to add the pearl to my bag. Cleaner, quicker and and excellent continuation. Very versatile and useful on a wide variety of patterns

  8. James Goulding

    The Ebonite GB4 Pearl gives me a benchmark symmetric pearl that fits perfectly between other symmetric pearl balls like the Hammer Raw Pearl (weaker ball) and the Radical Bigfoot (bigger ball). Compared to the GB4 Solid, you can expect a much cleaner ball motion with excellent continuation through the pins. I drilled mine 4 1/4″ x 65 to make it read the mid-lane and stretch out the transitions from skid to hook to roll. You can order the GB4 Pearl now from Bowler Builders Pro Shops and pro shops everywhere!

  9. Rusty Hahn

    This is the pearl that the GB line has needed since the GB2 Phenom Pearl. What a great midline ball. easy length and strong backend motion from the GB line once again.

  10. Ryan Galli

    Since the release of the GB4 I had been saying and wanting a pearl version because I disliked the original GB4 because of how slow and even rolling it was down the lane. GB4 Pearl is exactly what I wanted and I love it. It goes to all tournaments with me. It is used on Sport conditions all the time. I use it on house shots when they start breaking down or if they are hooking. If you’re looking for a great overall ball on all conditions, this is the one

  11. Tommy Parker III

    SMOOOOOTH!! I drill mine stack leverage so I can have a tiny flair and get down lane further. This ball goes very far and turns very hard! If you are looking for a ball that can play down and in on multiple lane conditions, look no further! My bread and butter is down and in and absolutely love this ball! This is a must have for any level of bowler.

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