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Ebonite Gamebreaker 4 Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane with Strong Continuous Backend Motion


2.48 (15lb)

.048 (15lb)


Enhanced V2

GB 12.0 Solid

500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad

Dark Red/Red


Mid Performance

Ebonite Gamebreaker 4 Bowling Ball

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Ebonite Game Breaker 4 GB4 Bowling Ball Features:

The Game Breaker 4 series from Ebonite has been the brand’s most famous in recent years because of its performance and value, and they are incredibly excited to bring you the new Game Breaker 4. The core designers carefully dissected the Enhanced V2 core to recreate the shape and numbers, knowing that this was the root of the Game Breaker’s success.  The Game Breaker 4 is a solid reactive, featuring the proven Game Breaker 12.0 veneer, ensuring the performance and success you demand from a Game Breaker branded ball.

14 reviews for Ebonite Gamebreaker 4 Bowling Ball

  1. Bob Newman

    The Ebonite Game Breaker 4 ( GB4 ) finds a way into my bag for sure. The big weight block and these core numbers 2.48, 0.048 have always worked well for me. I bowled on burned up Scorpion oil pattern and compared it against my Brunswick Knockout and my DV8 Damn Good Verge. All good pieces, but on this day the GB4 picked up sooner than the other two, It had more overall hook and good continuation. It has a nice rounded, controllable shape. It will be my big benchmark. Love the dual red rolling down the lane as well.

  2. Daniel Miyamoto

    I love this ball! The GB3 was the best Gamebreaker for me until the GB4. Earlier roll than the GB3 without losing any pop on the backend. Great benchmark ball and carried well on the shorter Broadway pattern. Great new addition to the great line of Gamebreakers from Ebonite.

  3. David Varner

    The game breaker line is iconic and this installment didn’t disappoint. The gb4 is a little earlier and overall stronger than the gb3. I like this ball more and more as it gets some games on it. Even though this ball is earlier than the gb3 was it didn’t loose its backend motion it still jumps off the spot and finishes once it gets to the pins. This will be my strong benchmark ball for the foreseeable future!

  4. C.Miller

    The GB4 is the latest release by Ebonite. With the GB 12.0 solid coverstock and the Enhanced V2 core finished at 500/1500 Siaair pad, I found this GB to be earlier with more continuation down lane.
    If your a fan of the Game Breaker series, do yourself a favor and pick up a GB4. Make this dark red/red beauty a part of your arsenal!

  5. Bob moran

    It’s back and it lives up to the popular game breaker line. A big benchmark ball that can be used on a wide variety of patterns. I have yet to see this ball quit on the backend it just picks up and trucks thru the pins

  6. Scott Gilmore

    The GB4 has the look! And it also has the game! I decided to use my favorite pin up drilling and so far have been impressed! I wasn’t a fan of the GB3, so I was very skeptical at first. After about 7-8 shots, I knew this was a different ball. The GB4 rolls extremely well. In comparison to the GB3, it is 4 or so boards stronger but is so much more predictable. A perfect benchmark ball. I love the red color as it reminds me of the Mission, which was a great ball too! The Gamebreaker fans should rejoice as the GB4 will not disappoint.

  7. Joe Goldstein, Sr.

    The history of the Game Breaker series has been one of my favorites. I have drilled a few of these gems and will now continue that tradition with a couple more of the GB4. This ball will not disappoint in any way. I like it best on medium oil but it can handle the heavier oil patterns as well. Don’t be afraid to scuff it and don’t be afraid the buff it. There’s plenty of uses for this sweetie. Get it in your bag TODAY!!


    Ebonite GB4 Review

    I drilled the Ebonite GB4 to be the big symmetric ball in my bag when other symmetrics aren’t enough through the mids, but I still wanted more length than my asymmetrics. By laying it out 3.75” x 35, I got the “flip and grip” I was looking for with tremendous performance. The GB4 handles medium-heavy volumes very well, for instance I used it Monday night and shot 725 on a THS that has not had many big scores all season in that building. It has performed exceptionally well on sport patterns, like Holman 37’ and PBA Chameleon. This will be the first ball out of my bag when I see decent volume, and it will tell me if I need to ball up to something bigger, ball down to a smoother, weaker ball, or stick with the GB4 and annihilate the competition. The GB4 is available now from Moore’s Pro Shop and pro shops everywhere. Ebonite means performance!

  9. Mark French

    As a higher-RPM lefty, I tend to stick with 5”x50-60 layouts, as it helps provide a consistent read of the mids and a predictable down lane motion.

    The GB4 is exactly as advertised (strong midlane and backend). The ball isn’t afraid to get dirty and do the work in the puddles. It provides a strong arcing motion down lane and still goes through the pins…the RIGHT way. This ball has solidified a spot in my bag, right between the Incognito and Bonus.

  10. Derek Kozlak

    Speed: 17.9
    RPM: 480
    PAP: 5 7/8 RT x 2 1/4 DN
    No-thumb, one league per week, tournaments when I can.

    The Ebonite Game Breaker 4 (GB4) is a contender for THE ‘benchmark’ symmetrical ball and THS killer. Easily a “first ball out of the bag”.

    The Game Breaker series from Ebonite has been the brand’s most famous in recent years because of it’s performance and value. The core engineers dissected the Enhanced V2 core to recreate the physical shape and numbers, knowing that this was the root of the GB line’s success. The GB4 is a solid reactive, featuring the proven GB 12.0 veneer, ensuring the performance and success us bowlers demand from a Game Breaker branded ball.

    With the out of box surface at 500/1500 and the Enhanced V2 core this ball reads the mid lane and digs it’s teeth in the back end to give me a motion that’s more of a hard arc than smooth and continuous. And that’s with an all purpose layout that I chose (70×4.5×35). But don’t get me wrong, this ball has excellent continuation. This ball is an excellent option to start a shift for league and, depending on the pattern you’re rolling on, should be plenty useful late into that shift even if you need to move to a deep inside line like I do. Don’t be afraid to adjust the cover (before your USBC sanctioned event starts) with some polish/shine to get the GB4 further down lane as you’ll still be able to get that shape that you’re looking for.

    With the Dark Red/Red colored cover stock and Orange lettering this ball looks great sitting on the ball rack and rolling down the lane, crushing the pins.

    Moderately priced, the GB4 outperforms expectations and the price point. With the intent for medium/med-heavy patterns I see the GB4 excelling on heavier volume patterns and with some polish/shine can be just as useful on lighter patterns or when the pattern transitions and a solid with surface is reading too early.

    Be well, rip racks …and shred pins.

  11. Brian Green

    The GB4 had some big shoes to live up to being in the Iconic GameBreaker family of bowling balls. The GB4 lives up to the GameBreaker name and looks good doing it to. The two shades of red and the the orange logos on top of it really make the GB4 stand out on the shelves and on the lanes.
    I drilled mine 60 by 4 1/2 by 30 as this is my favorite benchmark layout for me. The GB4 takes over the benchmark spot in my bag with authority. The GB4
    Is very readable to find out how the lane wants to be played and it’s powerful enough to strike from multiple angles on pretty much everything but the extremes.

    To sum this up: Get an Ebonite GB4, drill it with your favorite layout and you’ve got arguably the best benchmark bowling ball that’s out right now. You won’t be disappointed

  12. Mike Romero

    The Ebonite GB4 is your best new benchmark ball. It is an absolutely incredible ball and is your ideal league/tournament (medium to heavy oil) and sport/challenge shot ball. This ball should never leave your bag! It has a controllable shape, but has strong continuation through the pins that will help you carry a lot! The history of the Game Breaker series is one in its own and continues to be a fan favorite! Drilled mine 55 x 4.5 x 30.

  13. Brandon Traynum

    This is a tricky ball but in the best way possible. It mimics the big footprint of an asym ball without the sporadic downlane motion of an asym. Super smooth and forward off of the friction. It’s a great control piece for the fresh and for manipulating over/under. Sneaky good, great piece in the bag

  14. David Varner

    Not much I can say or need to say other than it’s a game breaker! The gb4 pearl fits right between the solid and gb asym. If you need something a little cleaner than the gb4 but not as angular as the gb asym grab a gb4 pearl. Clean through the fronts and picks up nicely in the mid lane giving a smooth and continuous motion.

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