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Ebonite Polaris Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Heavy Oil

Strong Overall Hook


2.475 (15lb)

.048 (15lb)

0.018 (15lb)



GSV-3 Solid

500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad

Orange/ Sky/ Blue


High Performance

Ebonite Polaris Bowling Ball

(6 customer reviews)


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Ebonite Polaris Bowling Ball Features:

The Polaris will be your north star when encountering heavy oil. The new Polaris series from Ebonite uses a core body similar in shape to the great rolling Aero, but we’ve added a radial disc on the bottom of the ball to create extra motion. The great thing about having the disc on the bottom versus the top is that it never gets drilled into and maintains its purpose and integrity. We have tested the same core numbers with and without the disc and can see a pronounced increase in motion by using the extra piece on the bottom. The Polaris has an updated GSV-3 Solid cover, is finished with 1500 Siaair, and loves oil.

6 reviews for Ebonite Polaris Bowling Ball

  1. Brian Thomas

    The Polaris is the ball for you when you encounter heavy oil. This ball will find traction when others won’t and explode off the spot and send pins flying everywhere.

  2. Ian L

    Polaris- one of my favorite high end balls I’ve owned. I call it a high end benchmark ball. If there’s a decent amount of oil on the lane this is a great piece to use to let you know what the lane is doing. I like to use this ball keeping the angles in front of me as high end balls tend to lose energy if I swing the ball too much.

  3. C.Miller

    The Polaris by Ebonite is the latest release in Ebonite’s Pro Performance line up.

    I drilled mine 35x5x25 and found a ball that reads the mids very early, with good continuation down lane. The Polaris looked best for me with tighter angles. When I tried to open up my angles, I gave up some energy down lane.Keeping in mind, I don’t have a lot of hand.

    You need a ball for heavy oil or longer patterns, the Polaris will be that ball. Making you into a Star!!

  4. Scott Gilmore

    If you are looking for a ball to make tracks in oil, then look no further than the Ebonite Polaris. Out of the box, this ball looks like a hooking machine! I’m a lefty, so I drilled mine with the pin just above my ring finger. I bowled on a traditional house pattern, and this ball was too much. Bowling on a heavier oil pattern, this ball was more into play for me. IF you are looking for a high end piece for those really tight lane conditions, the Polaris will fit nicely into your arsenal.

  5. TheHopeDiamond22

    If you need to dig in a track the Polaris is your ball. Surface doesn’t shine up easily. Usually, solids with this much surface tend shine up pretty quick. This is not that case. Tested on higher volumes and this ball is a beast. It’s an Aero solid on steroids. This ball for sure needs oil. Lots of hook and hitting power. Not uncontrollable. Very strong overall motion.

  6. Jason Taylor

    Ebonites solution to heavy oil has arrived.  The Polaris has a variation of the Aero core with an added radial disk at the bottom of the core.  This helps keep the core attributes after drilling because the radial disk remains undrilled. The Polaris is a strong rolling asymmetrical solid that needs oil to really shine.  If you have heavy volumes of oil and need to get the ball rolling through the puddle, the Polaris is the ball.  I have always chose the Ebonite line when I need the ball to hook. I drilled mine at 45° x 4.5″ x 45° to get the ball strong and continuous.  It likes oil so I  took mine to 4000 abralon in the Haus Resurfacer and that surface made it more versatile for my game. 

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