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Ebonite Puma Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Light to Medium Oil

Length with Strong Backend


2.525 (15lb)

.036 (15lb)



GB 10.7 Pearl

500, 1000, 1500 Siaair/ Crown Factory Polish



Mid Performance

Ebonite Puma Bowling Ball

(4 customer reviews)


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Ebonite Puma Bowling Ball Features:

Ask an Ebonite fan to come up with a list of the best balls in history, and the Puma always makes the top of the list. Ebonite could not wait to get this one back in the line. The core and cover have been slightly modified to work on today’s conditions, and the color is an updated and sharp copper and black pearl. This one will need to be in your bag when you’re facing broken-down hooking lanes.

4 reviews for Ebonite Puma Bowling Ball

  1. Bob Newman

    The Puma was a pleasant surprise for me. It is a lower level ball that has more bite than I expected. It gets through burned up heads easily but still has enough down lane motion to get through the pins strong. If you like a straighter is greater ball on the fresh or you need something to get down lane later in blocks, this is a great option.

  2. Robbie Patterson

    The Ebonite Puma is going to be a ball that is clean through the fronts and gives you a strong backend. I drilled mine 60×5.25×75, so I really wanted this ball to be my last ball in my bag, meant for longer tournament play, or patterns with a light volume of oil, around games 3 or 4. The ball didn’t disappoint, as I am easily able to step down to this ball from stronger balls like the Hammer Web Pearl and Track Strata Hybrid. I would highly recommend this ball for higher rev players, or anyone that wants a clean ball for later in the day during tournament play.

  3. C. Miller

    The PUMA is Ebonite’s latest release in their lower/mid performance line up.

    This copper and black pearl beauty will give you lots of length and a strong motion, coming off the pattern.I found it a little too long and lightly scuffed the surface, problem solved!

    The Puma will be in play on medium to dry lane conditions, burnt lanes, and short oil patterns, for me.

  4. Brian Green

    The Puma from Ebonite is a ball that has been missing from my bag for several years. For me a lot of the dryer lane balls are still too strong to play straighter and not strong enough to strike from inside…. The puma a ball that handles the dryer stuff with ease for me. It allows me to stay in my comfort zone and still strike consistently where other dry lane balls will not get the corners out. If you’re looking for a ball for the dryer league shots out there. Get A Puma you will not be disappointed

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