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Ebonite Vortex V2 Limited Edition Bowling Ball


Limited Quantities!!

Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Solid Midlane Read with Continuous Backend Motion


2.46 (15lb)

.051 (15lb)


Modified V2

TRIMAX19 Reactive

500/1000 Abralon



Ebonite Vortex V2 Limited Edition Bowling Ball

(7 customer reviews)


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Ebonite Vortex V2 Limited 2019 Edition Bowling Ball Features:

The new limited edition Vortex V2 is a modern remake of the ball that influenced the entire Game Breaker line. Because the original V2 core had an RG that falls below current USBC specifications, this ball’s Modified V2 core has been adjusted to provide an RG of 2.46″ and a total differential of 0.051″. This is still a lower RG and a higher differential than anything from the Game Breaker 2 and Game Breaker 3 lines. The new Trimax19 solid reactive coverstock is finished at 500/1000 Abralon, which provides lots of traction for a ball that revs up early. Even with the early traction, the Vortex V2 still has plenty of recovery downlane, which will make it match up best for heavy oil patterns.

The most sought after ball from Ebonite is back, but for a limited time.

Produced in a small production run as a seasonal release, the Ebonite Vortex V2 Limited Edition bowling ball is sure to sell out quickly. If you miss out on this 2019 batch, you will have to take your chances on getting one next season. Get yours today!

TRIMAX19 Reactive Coverstock – Long before GSV-1 and GB 10.7, there was our Trimax Reactive Coverstock, used on the original Vortex and Matrix series. Trimax was the most aggressive coverstock for Ebonite during its time. Compared to today’s coverstock formulations, Trimax created less friction in the oil. Our new Trimax19 maintains aggression at the backend of the lane, but now features a stronger reaction in the oil due to its updated formulation.

Modified V2 Core – The Modified V2 Core features a lower RG and higher differential combination comared to the Enhanced V2 found in our Game Breaker series. These new core numbers are almost identical to those seen in the original Vortex V2. The modification in density allow this V2 to rev up easier and offer more total hook than ever achieved in any Game Breaker released to date.

Ebonite recommends Powerhouse Clean N’ Dull to keep your Vortex V2 performing at its best.

7 reviews for Ebonite Vortex V2 Limited Edition Bowling Ball

  1. Bob Newman

    Drilled up and threw the Ebonite Vortex V2 this weekend. Compared it against several of my other strong symmetrical pieces, GB3, Futura, and the Green Chaos. The V2 was stronger than all 3 by at least 4 with my feet and 2 on the lane. It stands up earlier in the mid-lane than the Futura and continues very strong thru the pin deck. Very big, strong, controllable motion. In my tournament bag right now.

  2. Craig M.

    The Vortex V2 caught me off guard.I was not expecting such a strong mid lane reaction. WOW!

    It is clean up front, very strong mids , and great continuation through the deck.

    When the V2 is too strong, the Futura is ready to step in and take over. Great 1-2 punch.

    This ball is a limited edition, so don’t wait too long. I didn’t, had to buy another. It’s that good!

  3. Dave V.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how strong and continuous the limited edition v2 is. I’m currently throwing it on our modified 46’ house shot and this ball don’t hesitate to read the mid lane and continue through the pins. This is my first option for longer/high volume oil patterns and a great step up from the futura when it just won’t make the turn.

  4. Joseph Petrovich

    One word I can say is WOW. This ball did not disappoint. For a symmetrical ball this one really reads the mid lane extremely well. Bowled a local tournament with it on a modified house pattern. Used it the entire 8 games with a 240 ave. Ball just did not quit through the mids and the back end. Definitely my benchmark ball for all of my tournaments. You Will Not Be Disappointed

  5. Mike Romero

    The Ebonite Vortex V2 is just what bowling needed as the last ball from EBI Headquarters! The special edition lives up to the hype with this ball! Compared to my GB3, this ball easily hooks 3-4 more boards and reads the midlane much better! The GB3 coming out was a must have! This ball is even better! A strong ball with controllable motion makes this a Tournament ball all day! Averaged 256 (257/254/258) with the V2 straight out of box on league night! Get yours today at your local pro shop!

  6. Kevin (verified owner)

    This ball was a complete surprise! I was able to swing the ball and get it back from anywhere, when I wasn’t able to with some of my strong solid asymmetrical balls. It started up a little early and didn’t lose energy, it hit hard throwing a few messengers.
    If they are still available.. I highly suggest you get one before they are gone !

  7. Joe

    WOW!! What an amazing ball. I just bought this ball today and rolled two games with it and OMG, what a great ball!! It was very consistent and hit the pins hard and fast! I was able to easily control it no matter what type of shot or spare I had to pick up. If you can find one of these balls, grab it!! You will not be disappointed!! This ball will be a great addition to your arsenal!!

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