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Hammer 3-D Offset Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Aggressive Midlane and Backend


2.489 (15lb)

0.053 (15lb)



High Rev Offset

Neoflex 25

500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad

Blazing Violet


High Performance

Hammer 3-D Offset Bowling Ball

(24 customer reviews)


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Hammer 3-D Offset Bowling Ball Features:


This is the 25th anniversary of the 3-D Offset, and Hammer is excited to pay tribute to one of the greatest balls ever. The 3-D Offset offered new technology and outstanding performance. Hammer has taken a lot of time and effort to introduce a ball worthy of the same name. They’ve strategically recreated this ball to remind you of the original while excelling on today’s conditions.

Hammer started with the core shape, creating a single density inner core with the same shape as the original. The original was a thick-shell ball, and they modified today’s version with a carbon fiber outer core. These modifications create more dynamic core numbers for increased ball motion potential and a durable, harder-hitting product. Hammer also made this a D.O.T. ball which further increases durability and eliminates layout and drilling restrictions.


The ball’s appearance is almost identical to the 3-D Offset from 25-years ago. The Blazing Violet stands out as much today as it did then, and Hammer has branded it the same way with yellow Hammer logos on the right and left side and the orange 3-D Offset logo above the pin, or D.O.T. in this case. A minimal amount of Pearl was added to the Neoflex 25 cover to create optimal performance for today’s conditions. The new 3-D Offset is finished at 2000 Siaair, yet it easily gets through the front of the lane and has a strong and continuous move throughout the backend and pin deck.

Hammer recommends Tough Scrub to keep your 3-D Offset performing its best!

24 reviews for Hammer 3-D Offset Bowling Ball

  1. Chris Walden

    55 4 3/4 x 30

    Had no expectations when I drilled this ball up. I was too young to really throw the original , but I always heard it was a tremendous ball back in the day!

    However, ended up drilling mine 55 x 4 3/4 x 30, typical drill on something like this, and was very very surprised .

    Extremely impressed with this ball. Im 9 games in , averaging 241 with it, playing a multitude of different angles. I left box on it, no surface changes to start. Very predictable motion and doesn’t seem to want to quit. I can play up the boards, mid and if I get left and around it, has no issues getting back to the 1/3 and smashing. Very very happy with this motion, and will definitely be ordering more! A tremendous piece from Hammer!

  2. phil hughes

    I drilled my 3 D offset at 45 x 4 ½ x 30. What I got is a ball that gets through the front with ease and continues all the way through the pin deck. I have honestly not “heard” a ball HIT the way this ball does. It destroys the rack even on less than perfect shots. With my lower ball speed I was afraid that this ball would be too strong in the front but the combination of cover and weight block makes this one a “no brainer

  3. David Varner

    25 years later a legend is brought back to life! I was a little to young to throw the original but I remember seeing one on every ball return as a kid. Hammer set out to bring back a legend and the nailed it once again. I drilled mine 55x5x30 which is my go to layout. I can’t be happier with the roll of this ball. For me it’s a great compliment to the obsession tour. A little stronger in the mid lane and overall same shape as the obsession tour. If you want something to pick up just a little earlier than your obsession tour but keep you in the same part of the lane look no further than the 3D.

  4. Brenden

    I was excited to see this ball be released due to the brand new tech around the ball. I am a fan of sanded pearl coverstocks and do this most of the time on my pearl bowling balls anyway to blend them out more. I decided to use this ball as a test as well for a little different layout than I typically have and went with a 60 X 5 1/2 X 30. This ball is very sneaky strong even with this weak of a pin position. It really has no troubles in the oil at all and creates a very firm response off the dry. The more impressive thing about this ball though is where it finishes at the pin deck, right away I have noticed that this ball gets up and finishes in the 8-9 spot of the deck more noticeably than other balls and that is a great thing to see. Make sure to check this one out for something new in the Arsenal or for your nostalgic reasoning being the 25th anniversary!!

  5. TJ Mento

    I think this ball is a great compliment to my infamous. On some of the longer patterns I found myself struggling to carry the corners with the Infamous. I copied the layout on this for the 3-D and it was exactly what I needed. It’s a little bit cleaner and more continuous off the spot. This is one of those balls that rolls well on a variety of patterns.

  6. Bob Newman

    I’ve drilled up a lot of bowling balls the past few years and there are about 1 or 2 a year that have the “wow” factor. Well 2022 has it’s first “wow” ball as far as I’m concerned. The Hammer 3D Offset is just different. The ball hits so hard and the pins sound louder when this ball attacks. It has a small amount of pearl in the cover stock to give it some length and cleanness through the heads but man when it revs up it is special to watch. This one goes straight into the league and tournament arsenal. I see using it on a lot of different conditions.

  7. Christina L.

    Stats: PAP 4 over ¾ up, 15 mph, 18 tilt, 275 revs. I drilled mine 50x4x20 to help maximize backend. The ball is designed for medium to heavy oil, but for my style it works best on medium oil as I need a little friction to get the proper read for the condition I am currently bowling on. I did add surface using a Scotch-Brite pad to help the ball read the lanes a little better for me. If you are a higher rev bowler you will have no problem hooking the lane with this ball. For lower rev bowlers you will likely need to add some surface like I did, and/or play more direct. The ball motion is midlane with ample backend. If you loved the original 3D Offset, you need this ball in your bag!

  8. Tom Marlow

    I was very excited to drill this ball. I drilled mine 45×4.5×35. With this layout I get a really smooth ball Thu the front of the lane with a very predictable motion on the back.
    What I really like about this ball the most is that predictable motion. It makes it a lot easier to make the moves before you go Thu the transition on the lane.

    This ball can be used on both house shots and sports shots. It response well to surface change.

  9. Mathew Jones

    3d offset lives up to the hype of the original. Its has the strong round benchmark shape that you like to see. Its super predictable and its very useful on most patterns. This is ball you need in your bag!!

  10. Bob Moran

    I never threw the original so I can’t make a comparison but I can say that this might be one of the most versatile asym balls I have ever thrown. Great midlane read and continuation off the end of the pattern. Doesn’t over hook the dry and still picks up in the oil. Quickly has become the first ball out of my bag and one of my new favorites

  11. Joe Goldstein, Sr.

    I never had the original 3-D Offset back in the day, but I am definitely liking this release. It gets through the fronts very easily and has a big, but controllable flip in the midlane and rolls hard through the deck. Just plain sexy!!

  12. Ian L

    This ball didn’t disappoint 25 years ago and it doesn’t disappoint now. It’s a great ball for medium to heavier lane conditions. It has a very smooth and controllable motion that handles the middle part of the lane really well. The duller pearlized cover really makes this ball stand out from the rest by having a strong backend, while being able to handle the heavy oil in the middle of the lane on your typical house shots

  13. Brandon Michael Traynum

    There’s so much to say about this ball. History repeats itself yet again with the remake of the original 3-D Offset. And Hammer has definitely done it justice. Super continuous through the pin deck for a surfaces hybrid and flat out HITS LIKE A HAMMER. This ball is a must have for all rev rates, speeds and levels of bowlers!

  14. Clancy DeGroodt

    Awesome ball Stronger than I thought it would be. As a huge fan of the OG 3D Off Set I was very much looking forward to the remake. Hammer did not disappoint. The New Off Set has a strong cover that takes surface changes well. I drilled mine the standard 45x4x35 layout I use on all Asymmetrical pieces. The ball is strong on the midlane and continues through the pins great. The best way to describe this ball in relation to the OG 3D is that it is stronger overall compared to the choices available today than the OG was to the balls available then.

  15. Marcus Winklepleck

    This ball is a beast! Do you need a strong ball that rolls great on almost everything? This is it! A true legacy ball. 25 years ago the 3D Offset made a huge splash in the bowling world. Today, the remake is picking up where the original left off.

  16. Gerard Uhrinek

    The 3-D Offset was one of my all time favorites and the remake has done it justice! I find this ball very strong through the mid lane and very continuous through the pins. The cover stock is very versatile. I have adjusted the surface a few times just to see how much it changes the shape and I was pleased every time. I definitely see this ball fitting a wide range of styles.

  17. C. Miller

    The 3D Offset is a ball that grabbed my attention with the first shot. It easily gets through the fronts and aggressively corners, down lane and through the pins.
    A versatile ball on different types of lane conditions!

  18. James Goulding

    Here is my shot, quick hitter of the Hammer 3D Offset! I drilled this one 60 x 3.5″ x 60 to give me a longer transition from skid to hook to roll, retain some tilt for better down-lane motion, getting through the pins consistently, and that is exactly what I got. This is my go-to pearl asymmetric ball on most medium oil sport shots, and typical house shots. This one lives up to the legendary 3D nameplate, featuring DOT and DynamiCore technology, for better hitting power and increased longevity. Order yours now from Bowler Builders Pro Shops, and pro shops everywhere!

  19. cng260

    The 3D Offset is a special ball with a smooth reaction you don’t normally see from a pearl type bowling ball. This one is a bit stronger than the Widow 2.0 or the Obsession Tour pearl but with a completely different shape. When the other two balls stop this one keeps going. The amount of continuation you see from this ball is quite unusual for the smooth shape it has. The 3D is playable from all angles as long as you have enough oil and is my first choice if the lanes are on the slicker side. This one is much stronger than you would think but is a must have in the bag. It is a blend of the smoothness of old with the strength of newer technology. Everyone should own a new 3D Offset.

  20. phil hughes

    I drilled my 3D Offset at 65 x 5 x 40 in hopes it would give me the length and the back end needed for my house shot. The first few shot really surprised me as this PEARL picked up the mid lanes and then made a strong move through the pins. This ball hits harder than ANY ball that I have ever used and when it hits the pins it sounds like an explosion. I am 64 years old with lower ball speeds and I do not hit the shot like I used to but, this ball made up for all of my imperfections. Run and get one……Now!

  21. Bryan Williams, PBA Member and DV8 Pro Staff

    Greatness Revisited…Believe the Hype!

    Hammer has brought back a legend in the bowling industry. The Hammer 3-D Offset is back and better than ever! Everything you have heard about this ball is 100% true and does not disappoint. The 3-D Offset is powerful, yet smooth and controllable. Like the ball of the past, the 3-D Offset is extremely predictable off the spot and strong through the pins. This ball can be drilled many different ways to give any bowler at any level the look and hook they are seeking. I recommend this ball for all bowlers at all levels because of its versatility, by giving bowlers the ability to play the lanes from multiple angles and roll consistently virtually all the time. This is also a great benchmark ball for anyone needing a ball to initially read the lanes. The 3-D Offset is a MUST in your bag.

  22. Rusty

    Very smooth and controlled reaction, an excellent choice for a benchmark ball. I never threw the original,so no comparison there. Moderate length and a controlled backend reaction giving the bowler the predictable consistent reaction they want to see from shot to shot.

  23. Tommy Parker III

    What can I say, Hammer killed it again with the remake of this one! Ball is as good as advertised. Very versatile ball that you can play multiple angles with it. If you are waiting for a sign to get one, HERE IT IS! This is a must for any level bowler to have in their bag!

  24. Eric Copping

    The 3D Offset is an absolute beast of a ball. Very strong off the breakpoint, but gives me the length I need to get it through the midlane. This would be a great benchmark ball for any type of bowler. Extremely versatile. This will definitely be in my arsenal for a very long time. DO NOT sleep on the 3D Offset, get one NOW!!!

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