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Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Medium to Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane and Aggressive Backend Motion


2.50 (15lb)

.058 (15lb)

.016 (15lb)


Gas Mask

Aggression Solid

500, 1000, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad



Mid Performance

Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball

(27 customer reviews)


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Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball Features:

The Gas Mask core makes its return to the Hammer lineup in the Black Widow 2.0. This ball shares the same color scheme as the original Black Widow, but features the Aggression Solid coverstock sanded to 2000 SiaAir to provide more traction on today’s oils.

It’s back, and it’s beautiful. The original black and red colors pay homage to one of the most successful balls of all-time, as we bring back the original reaction shape, updated for today’s conditions. The Black Widow 2.0 is precisely what you want from a Black Widow, enough traction on medium to heavy oil, and a big sweeping continuous ball motion that creates a lot of angle and high scores. This is the ball that bowlers have been asking for, and they will be in love.

The Black Widow 2.0 features the original Gas Mask core shape the bowling world knows and loves and is combined with a Carbon Fiber outer core for durability and power. This familiar core system is wrapped with Aggression Solid and has a 500, 1000, 2000 Siaair finish.

27 reviews for Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball

  1. David Varner

    It’s a black widow and it’s back….I’m sure like most people you have been excited and nervous for this release after the buy-out. Well rest assured they didn’t miss on the black widow 2.0. From the original colors or the original reaction updated for modern conditions they nailed this ball. If your a black widow fan get one today you will not be disappointed.

  2. Adam Barta

    Holy awesome ball!!! This in my opinion is an exact match to the original widow with a tad stronger cover. This ball is very smooth, predictable and has a great backend reaction off of the pattern. I suggest using this on any medium to a little heavier oil pattern with leaving it at the dull box surface. My favorite layout on this in the pin placed above the ring finger with the CG stacked right below the ring finger at least 3-3.5 inched away.

  3. Robert Newman

    What Adam Barta said. The Hammer Black Widow series is new to me as I wasn’t bowling when the Widows were first introduced. I was/am a fan of the Black Widow Pink from last year and I have to say I’m an instant fan of the Black Widow 2.0. I was surprised how clean it is through the front part of the lane but then it has a very strong, smooth rounded shape to and through the pins. You don’t want to miss out on this one. I would says it’s a little cleaner than my Track Proof Solid , similar rounded shape but a little more continuous.

  4. Dustin Bearden

    I had the Original Black Widow around the 2006 time frame. Hammer has done a great job with this update. The Black Widow 2.0 performs exactly like I remember my original performing. I still get that great clean look through the front of the lane, but the movement at the break gives extreme power going through the pins. I drilled my Black Widow 2.0 at 55 x 4 1/2 x 35. This ball currently the first ball out of my bag, and I believe anybody will be able to find a spot in their bag for this extremely versatile ball. Hammer has a ball in the Black Widow 2.0 that will change the game just like the original Black Widow did all those years ago.

  5. Dan Schriner

    I’m a big fan of Hammer widow’s from the past, so I was super excited when the widow 2.0 was introduced. I went my normal asymmetrical layout pin down, from the 1st ball I threw I was excited with box finish cover it has a great deal of down lane motion. Widow 2.0 really drives through the pins like nothing else I’ve seen, best used on medium oil patterns.

  6. Alyssa

    This medium to heavy oil asymmetrical ball creates a continuous motion that holds a lot of energy. Yes, it is angular but very smooth and controllable. I absolutely love the motion this ball makes for me. This is exactly what I would suspect out of a black widow ball, almost identical to the original!!

  7. Andrew Jensen

    My first thoughts, like a lot of you, was please let this Black Widow 2.0 (The re release of the Original) be just like the original. Please!
    The anticipation of this release was going to be “special.” It had to be. We couldn’t release the Black Widow unless it was as close to perfect as one could get.
    I can, without a doubt, say that this Black Widow 2.0 is every bit similar as the original. The original was smooth but very continuous down-lane and had the ability to be used from every angle you could imagine. It’s the ball that helped me shoot my first 800 series. Without a doubt the Black Widow 2.0 is all of the above. So similar that I can’t remember which is which. The 2.0 is a ball that everyone should have and even have more than one. I have a pin up and pin down. I also have a couple undrilled for backups. If you can afford to buy more than one. Do it! It will be the best purchase you ever made.
    Andrew J.
    Track Regional Elite Staff

  8. Thehopediamond22

    BACK N BLACK!!! The Widow has returned!!! Smooth, Violent, Continuous, Angular, Control. You choose your reaction and it always provides to get you dialed in with todays game. By far the most versatile ball on the market. Matches great with all bowling styles. Having thrown a bunch of the Widow Series bowling balls it lives up to the superior name and expectation. I have drilled up 2 so far. One to rip and one to control on burn. Hits like a truck from all angles on the lane. This ball is flat out phenomenal. Don’t miss out on this one!!

  9. Jessica Aiezza

    Hammer has done it again with its new Black Widow 2.0 The gas mask core is back and combined with the carbon fiber outer core, this is one of the smoothest balls in my bag. This ball is super predictable and perfect for any medium/heavy oil patterns. Definitely a fantastic benchmark ball in my opinion.

  10. Christopher Doerr

    50 x 4 1/2 x 75 – PAP 4 ½ -> and ½^ – Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380
    Did you like the original Black Widow? You might as well order this one up because it reminds me of that exact same motion. I put the exact same layout on this one as the original and clean and smooth hard arcing shape down lane. There is a little more oil on the outside on our house shot now so I was able to move right and then move left as the lanes broke down and the shape was always consistent. I could’ve had a monster set with this ball out of the box but I was not making quality shots in game 3.

  11. Joseph Petrovich

    Hammer Black widow 2.0
    Hammer has done it AGAIN 😊 The Black Widow 2.0 features the original Gas Mask core shape the bowling world knows and loves and is combined with a Carbon Fiber outer core for durability and power. This familiar core system is wrapped with Aggression Solid. I drilled the ball 30x 2 ½ x 50. Boy is this ball predictable. I through it on the Neon pattern and I was able to control the pocket the entire way all the way through the pin deck. Very, Very smooth the entire way. A must have in Anyone’s Bag.
    Hit your local pro shop and get one right away . You will not be disappointed

  12. Scott Crawford

    The Black Widow 2.0 is fantastic. After all the variations of the Black Widow this is the true second version of the original, so it had a lot to live up to and I think it does. The Gas Mask core is probably my favorite core of all time. It is just so continuous and powerful. It produces great pin action and hits as hard as any core I’ve ever seen and just seems to strike more. Now this Aggression Solid coverstock at a 2000 box finish is exactly that…. Aggressive and more overall hook than the original for sure. But the shape is very familiar for Widow fans. Strong overall, good mid-lane traction and amazing through the pins on the back. I’ve seen the best look from this so far when it sees some oil. It’s not meant for the dry really, but it thrives on a fresh house shot with some oil and on sport shots. Mine is drilled 55 x 3.75 x 20 and lets me open up the lane some and play multiple angles too. This will be a ball I use early in league and early in tournament blocks.

  13. Ian L

    I would put this ball just under those strong asymmetrical balls. Its strong but has a more rounded shape to it that makes it very smooth and controllable. It’s great on those medium to heavy oil conditions. It allows me to play different angles which is rare for those stronger asymmetrical balls. Comparing it to the original Black Widow, its very similar shape wise but obviously stronger to combat today’s oil.

  14. Scott Gilmore

    I just had to see what all the hype was about. Man was it justified! I drilled mine just like my link widow, with the pin in the ring finger. (I’m left handed). This ball is so incredibly smooth through the fronts with a lot back end reaction. Those that love the original Black Widow will love the 2.0. This is one of the first balls out of my bag. It really allows me to read the lanes with its predictability. Hammer fans, you have to have this one in your arsenal.

  15. Ryan Galli

    I personally dont think much needs to be said about this release. The re-release is basically identical to what it was when it first came out. You know what you are getting and that is a great asymmetrical ball. There is no guessing here. Multiple drillings and layouts and you will love each. It is a classic done properly by Hammer

  16. Jim

    The Black Widow 2.0 is a little cleaner than I was expecting, but I’m not disappointed with it. It reads the mid lane very nicely, and has a smooth arc shape through the pins for me.

    It rolls close to my Knock Out but is about 3 and 1 boards weaker than the Knock Out for me. I never had the original Black Widow but anyone who has had success with the Widow line in the past will be pleased with the Black Widow 2.0!!!

  17. OD

    The Black Widow 2.0 is a ball with a wow-factor, plain and simple. It’ll surprise both you and the others that are watching you throw the ball. A lot of times you get a ball you want to hook but it burns up mid-lane. Then if you go with something shinier, it floats down lane too much and is unpredictable on the backend. The Black Widow 2.0 grabs in the mid-lane like an aggressive ball should but it finishes on the backend with the hitting power of a pearl ball. I’ve not seen many balls perform like this one out of the box but it has earned a guaranteed spot in my bag no matter where I go, tournament or league.

  18. Ryne Hamblin

    This is the closest to the original widow that they’ve come out with ever since. For a strong asym solid its very clean through the fronts, very strong yet predictable off the spot. Hits like youd expect from a hammer with the old gas mask core. Takes amazingly well to surface changes like the original, from 500 all the way to high polish. Very versatile and very easy to match up with just about anybody.

  19. Del picard

    If you were a fan of the pink widow this ball is a must. You’ll see this ball pick up in the middle lane earlier than the pink widow and drive through the pens 2 to 3 boards more. I would definitely recommend having this ball in your bag. Head to your local pro shop and get one.

  20. C. Miller

    First thought on the new Black Widow 2.0 is predictable.
    The ball is smooth with a rounded shape , down lane. It packs plenty of hitting power.

    Observation is straight out of the box, no surface adjustment. The ball will tell you what the lane is giving you and make your adjustments from there.

    Keeping things simple!

  21. Joe Goldstein

    The Black Widow 2.0 is very much like the original Black Widow but a bit stronger. I liked the surface out of the box which was very smooth and responsive. Allowed me to close down the angles as well as open them up and was pleased that it was very predictable from every angle. This is definitely a ball to have in your bag and if you were a fan of the original, you’ll be in love with this baby!!

  22. Michael Romero

    The Black Widow is back and exactly what you want in your bag! The BW 2.0 can be the next best benchmark ball in your bag! The OOB finish provides multiple angles of versatility with the ability to change the surface and make it fit your lane needs. This ball is very predictable and allows you keep your angles in front of you! I drilled mine 55 x 4 1/2 x 25.

  23. Sal B

    Its back and better than ever. The Black Widow 2.0 features the original Gas Mask core. Great for medium to heavy oil, and a big sweeping continuous ball motion that creates a lot of angle and high score potential. This is def a must have in the bag.

  24. Dave

    The Black Widow 2.0 is very much like the original Black Widow but a little stronger.  I stayed with the surface out of the box.  This allowed me to keep my angles tight or open them up depending on conditions and be very predictable from any angle. This is now my first ball out of my bag. This is definitely a ball to have in your bag and if you were a fan of the original, then you must have this one as well!

  25. Ryan M.

    Hands down my favorite ball of all time. I am 100% that I could throw the Black Widow 2.0 on any condition and I mean ANY condition and have a great look to the pocket. Bill O’Neill has a triple bag full of 2.0’s and I can definitely see why.

  26. Jay H.

    Black Widow 2.0 ball review… Tourney drilled for control. and Provides strong, but smooth confidence inspiring mid lane motion. Will require surface to manage heavier volumes due to layout. Life is good Under the Crown!!!

  27. Steven a

    What can i say about the widow 2.0. It the first ball out my bag every time. It seems to look good on just about everything I’ve bowled on so far. I had the original BW and this is pretty darn close to the OG in every way. Don’t miss out on this ball. I did my normal pin up layout and it’s been an absolutely home run. Get yours now. You won’t be disappointed

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