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Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball


Urethane Pearl


Medium Oil

Strong Arc


2.500 (15lb)

0.058 (15lb)



Gas Mask

Urethane Pearl

360, 800 Siaair Micro Pad

Pink Pearl


Mid Performance

Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball

(12 customer reviews)


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Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball Features:

Hammer has taken the top-selling Hammer balls of the last three years and combined them into one exciting ball. They’ve paired it with the incredible looking Black Widow Urethane Pink Pearl. The Pink Pearl was extremely popular as a reactive Black Widow, and Hammer expects it to kill since it now uses the Purple Pearl Urethane cover formulation. The Black Widow core makes it an excellent choice for bowlers who didn’t see enough hook from the Purple Pearl Urethane. And just like the Purple, every competitive bowler will have to have this ball in their arsenal.

Hammer recommends Tough Scrub to keep your Black Widow Urethane Performing its best!

12 reviews for Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball

  1. phil hughes

    I drilled mine 60 x 4 x 35 for overall strength and roll. What I got was a strong (very strong) continuous roll with a back end unlike other urethanes. This ball is easily 5 and 3 left of my purple hammer but yet gives the forgiveness off the urethane cover. Purple Hammer on steroids!! If you love the “purp daddy”, you will love this new urethane.

  2. David Varner

    Let’s just start with how beautiful this ball turned out. It was only a matter of time before hammer put out another urethane with the gas mask core in it and using the formula from the purple hammer was on point. I was nervous at first that this ball would just hook immediately but I was pleasantly surprised once I got to send it down the lane. I ended up playing about 4 and 2 left(right handed) of where I normally throw the purple hammer. This ball is a awesome step up from the purple hammer when the lane isn’t ready for reactive yet but need something with a little more continuation than the purple.

  3. Robert (Bob) Newman

    Hammer Black Widow Urethane Pink. Hammer has added Gas Mask core to the Purple Hammer cover recipe and come up with a urethane ball with more flare and hook potential. It is a pearl urethane cover and then finished at 360/800 Siaair so it really digs in. For me it read very early on our California low oil volume conditions so I shined it up a bit with 2000/3000/4000. It was good before, now it’s really good. This is based on my rev dominant style. Most people will like it straight out of box, but if not, surface changes are easily made.

  4. Rodney Torres

    Hammer Black widow pink definitely lives up to the hype! Ball rolls super early in the front and mid part of the lane then nice and subtle on the break allowing you to control the pocket. A must have in the tournament bag that’s for sure.

  5. Christina L.

    Stats: PAP 4 over ¾ up, 15 mph, 18 tilt, 275 revs. I drilled mine 45×4.25×30, which is my standard layout. I did leave the cover at box, but I may add a touch more surface. I really like how well this ball drives into the pocket compared to some other urethanes I have seen. This ball also out-hooks the Purple, so if you are looking for something a step up but still controllable on the backend this is your ball. It is designed for medium oil, and even with my lower rev rate I have no problem using it on those conditions. Unlike most urethanes, I was able to move left a little and swing it. If you are bowling on short patterns and sport conditions, this ball will definitely help you out.

  6. Mathew Jones

    black widow pink is super early and super smooth. This ball has its purpose on heavier volume patterns that have alot of oil up front and clean backends. This ball digs in the oil and smoothens out in the dry.

  7. Joe Goldstein, Sr.

    I really like the Black Widow Pink Urethane as it gives me that extra pop that I was looking for. In addition to it’s good looks, she has that early traction and smooth reaction in the backends. Definitely and must for your bag.

  8. Bryant Ezell

    The Black Widow Pink Urethane is everything I was hoping for and more. This ball is a little earlier and a little stronger overall to the purple hammer for me, making a great 1-2 punch. I can start with this ball when the purple isn’t quite enough, then as they transition, I am able to get into the purple. For bonus, the pink looks great going down the lane and this ball gets through the pins great.

  9. Gerard Uhrinek

    I really like this ball. I was surprised by the motion. Ball starts up early and has a smooth continuous motion through the pins. Definitely a nice compliment to the other urethanes. When they start to quit downlane this will go through the pins strong. I love the predictable motion this ball gives you!!!

  10. Gabriel

    Took this ball to the Open Championships and was a beast on the lanes. Read the fronts and had a controlled back end through the pins. Its a must have in your bag for tournaments or league.

  11. Kevin Nagasawa

    When You Think Of The Widow Lane You Cant Go Wrong… The Addition Of The Pink Hammer Urethane Adds A New Dimension To The Game… With The Shelf Appeal Of The Color Of Pink And Being Urethane A Great Combination For A Winner On The Lanes.. Compared To The Purple Urethane I Have At Least 5-10 More Boards Of Area Where I Can Swing The Ball Which Makes This Ball Very Versatile And Have More Area Of The Lane To Play! Really Saves Its Energy To Go Down Lane And Really Drives Through The Pocket And Carries All Ten Back… Also Have Been Using It To Shoot Straight At Spares… This Ball Is Definitely Great For Medium To Lower Volume Patterns And Short To Medium Patterns And Will Be Great For Tournament Or League Play.. Make Sure To Visit Your Local Pro Shop Today And Order One This One Definitely Needs To Be In Your Bowling Bag !

  12. Mike Romero

    Please keep giving me more Gas Mask Core! The BW Pink Urethane is just as good as the Black Widow Urethane, if not better!!! A great ball for heavier and shorter patterns, reads the lane early and smooth and controllable in the backend with lots of driving power. Can’t wait to use this ball more on patterns see the complete results! Layout: 55 x 4 x 20

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