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Hammer Envy Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Heavy Oil

Aggressive Midlane and Backend


2.505 (15lb.)

0.055 (15lb)




Envy Solid

500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad

Black / Red / Orange


High Performance

Hammer Envy Bowling Ball

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Hammer Envy Bowling Ball Features:

The non-Hammer fans will have ball envy when they see this new Hammer ball out-hook and out-strike their balls. The new Hammer Envy was designed to be the strongest Hammer ball ever created. They started with the new asymmetric “Launcher” core that is packed with impressive features. The Launcher core has both a flip block and our exclusive radial disc technology; these components move mass away from the center, creating an increased imbalance for a stronger reaction throughout the lane. For the cover, Hammer went with the ultra-aggressive Envy Solid cover, found initially on the Obsession and ensuring plenty of hook in oil. Don’t have ball envy… add the new Hammer Envy to your arsenal.

3 reviews for Hammer Envy Bowling Ball

  1. David Varner

    Hammer ENVY! I have been looking for a big asym to replace the hammer redemption for sometime now and this ball reminds me so much of the redemption with a little steroids mixed in. I had to get inside and play the puddle because this ball wants the oil. I can see this ball being very useful on the fresh or some of the higher volume sport patterns. If you loved the redemption solid like I did I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the envy.

  2. Kevin Nagasawa

    OMG This Ball Looking At The Numbers Before It Came Out I Thought It Was Definitely Worth Looking Into And Numbers Dont Lie And Proved It Once I Got It Drilled Up And Got To Throw It. Its Definitely Going To Be First Ball Out Of My Bag On The Fresh And Is Going To Be Great For Those Longer Heavier Volume Oil Patterns. I Will Start Straight Up The Boards And Migrate In As The Transition Hits And Still Moving Inside Playing A Tight Line To The Pocket Still Drives Through The Pins! This Ball Is Very Versatile And Good For Any Skill Level Or Rev Rate. Bowling At House With A Heavier Volume House Shot Keeps Me In Play And Gets To Pocket With A Very Smooth Predictable Motion Down Lane And Toward The Pocket. I Recommend Visiting Your Local Pro Shop Today And Buying One Especially All Of You Hammer Fans Needing That High Performance Bowling Ball For Your Bag!

  3. TheHopeDiamond22

    Hook Monster. I don’t think there is a surface on the planet this will not hook on. The Envy is an absolute must have in the bag. When you have to tackle the heavy oil conditions this will be your ball. Very strong midlane with loads of hitting power. Usually, balls that are this highly responsive tend to lose power at the transition point. Yeah, not the case here. Right now, I would say is the strongest ball on the market. If you need to dig a ditch on heavy oil. The Envy is the perfect piece to make it happen.

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